Amon Düde

Arttu Partinen


3/9 21.00 - 22.00 Bengans

Arttu Partinen has been making music around 15 years now. In addition to playing music both in Finland and abroad, he has been active bringing experimental artists to Finland and encouraging local people to start making music and organizing events.


Partinen performed twice during his visit in Göteborg in 2016. First he did a live studio recording in front of an audience at Elementstudion and then opened for Eartheater at a Koloni concert in Folkteatern. Both shows got a rave reception. Parts of the recording of the Elementstudion session just came out on a seven inch record.

Solo, he has been known as Amon Düde, but in recent times also performed a lot under his own name. In his performances, he creates high-speed collages, combining noise dynamics with slapstick moves. As sound sources he uses found tapes, his own recordings, world music cassettes, nature sounds, human voice, processed live percussion etc. Each new show can end up being deconstructed and used as a platform for the next concert. In a way, by manipulating, accumulating and layering his old recordings he is recreating the story of his life.

In spring 2015 he did a west coast USA tour with Antti Tolvi. Later in 2015 he also toured in UK and Benelux. In 2016 he performed in Denmark and Sweden on a short trip. This appearance at Fringe is part of a small tour that includes concerts also in Berlin and Stockholm.

Partinen has also been a member of the improv beer trance band Avarus from the beginning in the early 2000s. Avarus has done several extensive tours in Europe and US. One of his other bands, Hetero Skeleton, is now on an indefinite hiatus.

In addition to solo gigs, Partinen has done lots of duo shows with saxophonist Sami Pekkola (Taco Bells, Jooklo Finnish Quintet). He is also part of a band called Hockey Night with Pekkola, Jaakko Tolvi (Taco Bells, Kiila, Pymathon, Jarse..) and Jonna Karanka (Kuupuu, Olimpia Splendid), combining tape collages, sound effects, toys and free jazz. Pekkola and Partinen also played a trio set with Pekka Airaksinen, opening for the Brötzmann/Leigh duo in Helsinki.


In January 2017 he took part in an edition of John Zorn's game piece "Cobra" in Helsinki, at a festival for Modern Music.

Clips of the new 7"


Live with Antti Tolvi


Avarus: Metsässä lp on Bandcamp:

Hockey Night lp samples:

Photo credits: Mark Rietveld and the second by Simo P.J.Ulvi

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