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Mölndals TeaterGlädje


2/9 15.00 - 15.30 Matteuskyrkan

 Rytmer som möter rörelser. Rörelser som berör.

Rytmer som leker. 


Mölndals Teaterglädje presents a brand new performance which aims to explore the notion of communication through movement, music and rhythm. The performers have developed this concept through group-improvisation which has allowed them to discover different qualities of sound and movement.

Mölndals TeaterGlädje is an organisation that work with people with disabilities within theatre production. The business includes five groups with different approaches in theatre production.

Mölndals TeaterGlädje works production-oriented with its own theatre performances. Democracy is important for the business, and everyone in the group is part of and decides and takes responsibility for the productions.

All ages
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