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Bloom Monday

Bloom Monday activities are free and open to all.

Whether you are an artist or not you are welcome!

The five sessions are thought as one whole experience, so if you’d like to take part throughout the day, please go ahead. 


The idea for this day came from wanting to take care of the wonderful opportunities we have of meeting each other and building our supportive platform, no matter if you are at the start middle or end of a process.


The programme consists of the following five sessions, and was based on themes discussed at various meetings throughout festival preparations. 

All sessions are free. For registration please email details of session/s and number of participants to: 

Bear Brunch

We are kicking off the day with brunch and dialogue in our cosy cottage. Isabel Lagos is there to salute you, show a documentary film and share a vision which has been in process since 2014. The central piece is an opera, The Bear by William Walton (based on Chekhov’s one act play) which was performed in Gothenburg’s oldest building with and for both the deaf and the hearing. 


Key themes: bravery & inspiration

Time: 11.30 - 12.30

Where: GOFF Stugan


Part 1

led by Elodie Labonne

Welcome to a wordless world. In this space and time we communicate through the eyes, the touch, and the movement. We listen, tell each other stories without using our ears and without using our voices. We reflect on the essence of our feelings and our emotions and when we communicate them, it becomes a dance.

Part 2

led by Dramakällan

Process is the aim of this workshop. We do drama-exercises, with focus on interaction and expression both as individuals and as a group. We collaborate and play together in a fun and presigeless way with as few words as possible.

Key themes: new ways & the space in between 

Time: 13.00 - 14.30

Where: Oceanen, World Dance Company

Find your Treasure

In the center of Majorna lies an old house from the 18th century. It has been locked away from the locals for as long as people can remember. Some have even forgotten it is there. Now these doors have opened for us and the walls that long kept quiet are ready to speak. You are invited to listen and bring to form the stories you unfold. 


Key themes: weaving artforms & spaces

Time: 13.00 - 14.00

Where: Gathenhielmska Huset

Note: book early, this session takes 10 participants 

The Puzzle

Culture and its creative field of practitioners is puzzling and fascinating. Artforms, spaces, audience, process, networks, social structures, administration, finance, funding bodies and somewhere there is.. me, myself and I with visions and dreams. How do we do it?! Get ready for a relaxed and possibly chaotic meeting where we surely will come away with more questions than answers and hopefully a new horizon with shared ideas.


We are honoured to invite Gaby Giacchino and percussionist Renzo Spiteri from Malta with #EngageCREATIVES to lead the way. 

#EngageCREATIVES is a unique and distinctive creative support platform dedicated to culture and the arts that merges artistic and managerial best practices to support creatives, develop projects, link businesses and connect communities. It is the collective experience of 30 years of artistic and creative know-how of Renzo Spiteri, 17 years of business management by Gaby Giacchino, and an extensive local and international creative and collaborator network acquired over decades of within the arts and culture sector on an international level.


At this event we truly anticipate a melting pot to gather at Teater Trixter. From the cultural administration of the City of Gothenburg to Prague Fringe and various players from the City’s cultural field within theatre, dance and music.


Key themes: communication & development

Time: drop in 14.30, start 15.00 - 16.30

Where: Teater Trixter


Sparkling Cottage 

This is the place at the end of the day, whether you’d like to wind down, chill and reflect - or indulge in more creative juices. The festival wraps up in the Fringe cottage. Take care of your wishes and give yourself time to meet and muse. Pitch your idea, ask for support, give feedback or just meet and have a drink. Coming full circle at the end of the day is a wonderful thing. Welcome. 


Key themes: communication, care & development

Time: from 15.30 onwards 

Where: GOFF Stugan


All sessions are free. For registration please email details of session/s and number of participants to: 

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