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Three worlds and half of America

Julia Paplowska


Three worlds and a half of America (2016) A video Three worlds and a half of America shows in a poetic way the problem of using the image of a woman's body by advertising in the process of goods production. It is a reflection about the commerciallisation and sexualization of every area of our life. This topic is presented with the background of a class society. I was inspired by silicon ball which I found at Chinese market. First time

when I looked at the ball I felt that somebdy made a joke from woman's attribute. Afterward, I started to observe how the image of woman's body exists in a public space. A silicon, antistress ball in a shape of woman's breast is visible in every scene what makes a

connection beetwen all of the social stratum.

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Fringe Fragments at 

Konstnärernas Kollektivverkstad Göteborg

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This event takes place in the form of guided tours starting every half hour:

14.00 - 15.00                 14.30 - 15.30

15.00 - 16.00                15.30 - 16.30

16.00 - 17.00                 16.30 - 17.30 

17.00 - 18.00                17.30 - 18.30

18.00 - 19.00                 18.30 - 19.30


150 SEK

Ages 16+
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