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Queen of Plastic Oceans - Without Royalty

Benedikte Esperi


Ö-festen, Ringön

A SOLO performance and visual art made from plastic littering with and by Benedikte Esperi 

"This female body, with its pale make-up and voluminous costume made from plastic littering, creates a “persona macabre“ representing the alarming situation in our oceans – plastic pollution. With her conspicuous appearance she claims time, space and a motif to exist."

Queen är en böld på vårt samhälle som tvingar oss att möta det vi lämnat bakom oss – Plastic Oceans
Likt en hemlös flykting, tvingas denna fängslade kropp överleva, under oöverskådlig tid, utan rike och utan en krona – Without Royalty

The Queen is a boil on our society that forces us to face what we left behind – Plastic Oceans
Like a homeless refugee, this imprisoned body must survive, for an indefinite period of time , without kingdom and without a crown – Without Royalty
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