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September - Month of NFN 

Gothenburg Fringe Festival (GOFF)

1-2-3-4 Sept.


Stockholm Fringe Festival (STOFF) 

6-7-8-9-10 Sept.


Norway Fringe Festival (NOFF)  

13-14-15-16-17  Sept.

The Nordic Fringe Network (NFN) aims to simplify systems and provide economical touring opportunities for artists applying to one or more of the Fringe festivals in the Nordic region.



From the humble launch of Stockholm Fringe Festival (STOFF) in 2010, participating artists have expressed the desired to combine their “Stoffholm” visit with additional tour dates in the Nordic region. Until now a touring theatre network in the Nordic region has not existed.



In 2016 team Stockholm Fringe Festival (STOFF) created the Nordic Fringe Network together with it’s younger sister festivals Gothenburg Fringe Festival (GOFF)  and Norway Fringe festival (NOFF).

At the end of 2016 a 4th Nordic Fringe city joined the project: Reykjavik Fringe Festival (RVKFF) that is currently scheduled for 2018 along side the first of two  Finish fringe festivals that are scheduled for 2018 & 2019.


  • It’s not a requirement to do the 3 festivals.

  • Most acts are expected to do  1-2 of the festivals aligned with each other. Seasoned Fringe acts will go for 3!

  • We have spaced the festivals within a 4 week period with each festival culminating at a weekend allowing 2-4 days for reboot & relocation for all involved.

  • An organized Fringe train journey is planned between Gothenburg and Stockholm.  Journey cost is approximately 15-35  euros per head depending on departure time and train company of choice ( MTR Express and SJ).

  • The flights from Stockholm – Bergen  cost approximately 150 euros depending on departure time and airline choice. Best deals are airline combinations.  This information is based on Skyscanner (Jan 2017).

  • Our teams suggest a good roam around on travel search engines to find the best option for your team!



  • The 3 festivals will have their own digital and / or printed programme brochure.

  • All festivals will have separate administrative organs meaning you will still have to submit your programme copy and visuals separately.

  • Venue conditions and festival formats are also going to vary between the different festivals.

  • The admin fee involved will vary from location to location.


The festivals got one thing in common: the aim to elevate the local through the global to offer the audience unique experiences outside of the traditional, to push boundaries and promote artistic innovation bravery.



The benefits of synchronizing the 3 Nordic Fringe festival initiatives goes hand in hand with our “many little streams create a river” approach in festival management.

Working together will not only create a stronger and bigger Fringe movement in the Nordic region but also offer an attractive touring opportunity to local and global artists.

  • Audiences will be offered high quality acts from across the globe.

  • New work will reach a new and wider audience.

  • Artists will be able to make their visit to the Nordic region more sustainable and economical.

  • Overseas cultural institutes and embassy culture departments will be able to join forces with their sister branches in other Nordic countries to tour / support artist from their regions.



Similar networks exist in Canada and Australia where individual Fringe festivals align their festival dates and / or application process.

NFN is part of WFN (World Fringe Network) with over 200 Fringe festivals across the globe.



Check out our social media channels: Facebook / Twitter / Instagram

A NFN website will be published mid January.

Postal address:  Nordic Fringe Network, Transit, Box 3601, 126 27, Stockholm, Sweden. (Please note that applications to the NFN festivals are done digitally and hard copies of projects will not be accepted).

Visitors address can be obtained by appointment only.

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