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2018 award winners feature in latest show reveal

Updated: Aug 1, 2020

Following last week’s announcement of the first batch of shows, we continue to reveal our line-up for Gothenburg Fringe 2020 with immersive theatre, improv, film and dance – making the festival on 3-6 September unmissable!

2027: The New Normal by Stigberg Immersive

"QuaranCo is Scandinavia’s leading provider of quarantine hosting and consultancy services.

Since 2022, we have protected cities against the spread of viruses, while providing our guests with a safe and comfortable environment."

Join QuaranCo’s “Open trial day” and experience the latest immersive theatre piece by Stigberg Immersive, creators of the Gothenburg Fringe 2018 sell-out and award winning show ‘The Sea Widow’. Free tickets can be booked now here.

Dreamcatcher by Drömduo

What were you dreaming last night? Have you ever dreamt something extraordinary but realised that something is just not right...?

In the improvised show Dreamcatcher we explore the limbo between dream and reality. Starting in the safety of reality we take off into the unknown land of dreams with the tunes of Robin Backgård (GAO and Peacock Tree) on trumpet and Maria Nyström on Loopstation (MANX and the Naima Train). The improvisers Sandra and Martin from Drömduo will take you on a journey of laughter and fears that will shake your core. Sweet dreams!

World Dance Company - ExPro Stage

On 4-6 September, World Dance Company put on their ExPro Sage with three performances each night to Trixter.

(Note: Shakti will be performed 4 and 5 September and will be replaced by the film “HOME” on 6 September)

Movement 6.35

When the body is moving from one place to the other, a sensitivity of feelings appear. The body needs adjusting to the reaction of moving from the tropic place to the place with four seasons.

The meeting between people from different parts of the world, trilingual communication. Habits, ways and perspectives generate questions; why like this and why like that? Why, why and why. The result is a fusion. Javanese dance movement and modern ballet.

Choreographer: Feri Sri Danarto Dancer: Feri Sri Danarto Music:  Gamelan Pacifica, Philip Glass: “Opening” from Glassworks

About the dancer/choreographer: Feri Sri Danarto (1987) is a professional dancer originating from Indonesia. Feri is trained in traditional Indonesian dance and ballet and have worked as dancer, dance teacher and choreographer in Bali, Indonesia and Malaysia. He is currently based in Gothenburg. 


Work-in-progress piece from “Parallel”

"Parallel”, Alessandro Bascioni’s new work, unfolds with a searching driving force weaving patterns that shift and spiral like the flow of life. The piece delves into the lives of people living in parallel realities, close to each other yet, they stand alone.

They search through physical, sensorial and mental limitations as if in a suspended state at the top of a cliff ready to leap or fall off. The dancers' movements show hidden emotion that emits a state of vulnerability and solitude in a palpable state of physical sensorial and mental limitation.

Choreography: Alessandro Bascioni Dancers: Martina von Schwerin & Hilda Dahlén

HOME An experimental short film

Director: Jenny Larsson Video and Editing: Voltage Factory Music: Dag Rosenqvist Text and Voice: Jenny Larsson

With the experimental short film HOME (Disappearing Sites) we are looking at how the Everglades has changed and are changing today, the disappearing land, traditions and mythologies connected to the native tribes, the fluctuation of water and water qualities, the natural vs the engineered water flows, the endangered plant species and animal life.

By creating a new mythological creature called The Golden One, this creature functions as a symbol of what happens when the “gold” moves into the land.


En performativ dansföreställning som utforskar förhållandet mellan det klassiska och det avskalade, med avsikt att beskriva vardagens slentrian i möte med meditativa skeenden ur livet.

Shakti relaterar till livskraften, den skapande kraften inom oss. Denna energi är synonymt med skapandet och beskriver den ursprungliga försoningen. Vår högsta längtan men också vår rädsla.

Inom tidsspannet mellan tradition och innovation skapas en ny form av dansuttryck, i mötet med vår tids vardag av ängslan och humor, med nyskriven musik i ett integrerat performativt verk.

Koreograf - Anette Pooja

Dansare - Anette Pooja, Ida Knapp Drougge, Susanne Hansson

Musik - Susanne Hansson med fler

Kostym Gerd Karlsson med ensemble

MYSK Indisk Dans och Magisk Teater i samarbete med World Dance Company

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