• Chris O'Reilly

We have a new look!

Last week, we revealed the brand new Gothenburg Fringe logo, which is the focal point for the new look and feel of the festival, which will take place for the third time on 23-27 August 2018.

After jumping around with the logo and design of the website over the past couple of years, one of the primary tasks this year was to come up with a logo to stick with Gothenburg Fringe for years to come.

After a couple of brainstorming meetings to hammer out the details of what exactly the Fringe means to us and how to share that with the public, we brought in graphic designer and friend of the Fringe Lotta-Li Alftberg to bring these ideas to life.

“Finding the right colours was important at the beginning. We knew we wanted it to be colourful, to portray the fun and creativity which fills not only the Fringe movement, but the area of Majorna,” explains Lotta-Li.

The use of boxes was brought up once or twice early in the process, as a means of showing the many sides the festival has to offer, which gives people the chance to create their own experience, but their inclusion in the final design came about as a “happy mistake”.

“It now gives off the idea of space and rooms which will be turned into stages, a key theme of this year’s fringe as we try to turn unusual spaces into places for performances to flourish in our city.”

This is just the beginning of the design process as we’ll be revealing creative uses for our logo and implementing them throughout our website and social media over the coming weeks and months.

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