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7 more shows added to 2021 programme

Following last week's announcement of the first batch of shows at this year's Gothenburg Fringe, we're back with more!

The announcements will keep on coming over the next couple of weeks as we confirm our lineup for the festival on 8-13 September.

Tickets for these shows and many more will be released in early July on Billetto.

To be among the first to get your hands on tickets, enjoy ticket offers and more benefits, join our membership programme.

The Clown on the Fifth Floor

By Storm Dunder

In a momentary reality, The Clown is forced to live out their days unable to relocate the memories that could reveal the reason behind their isolation. Welcome to the Fifth Floor.

Stockholm-based Storm Dunder premiered the show at Stockholm Fringe in 2019 and was awarded the Nordic Fringe Network Award, before taking the digital version of the piece to Reykjavik Fringe last year and winning's the festival's Grand Prix.


By Gal Sabo Dance-Theater

This hilarious and moving physical theatre show combines true stories that change in every performance, with acrobatic and dance. Three performers will try to outdo each other in a competition with no winners. They'll dance, they'll make you laugh and might even make you cry.

Tryptych has separate male and female casts, which will perform separate shows in Gothenburg.


By Backsteinhaus Produktion

In SHOW DOWN, the audience accompanies the performer on a social experiment in search of her own origins and experiences, a history of creation of the modern individual. The struggle for personal needs is contrasted with the ever-critical gaze of fellow human beings.

The public changes constantly the perspective of theatre, zoo and finally into an open exhibition. Biologically, humans, like gorillas, orangutans and chimpanzees, belong to the family of hominids or apes, which in turn belong to the primates. But when we look at ourselves today in the mirror of our relatives, one bad habit of humans, in particular, comes to light: we place ourselves above other living beings.

Even we have much more in common with our ancestors than separates us. So where do the differences lie? SHOW DOWN is a search for identification, which demands a lot from the human being and forces him to dive in, to look back and explore our heritage and let us mirror by this the human being.

Your Documentary


Imagine if Modern Family were played by the Saturday Night Live cast, but instead of the original cast, you'll see the improv group Arsenik. And instead of a scripted sketch, you'll experience the sketch before it's written.

Poetic Meditation

By Sayam Chortip

Poet, musician and friend of the Fringe Sayam Chortip performs for the third year in a row with a brand new show, in which he uses his poems and soundscape to catch a moment of poetic meditation.

LuQas Street Show

By LuQas

LuQas street show is Gothenburg's very own classic street theatre performance, where the audience is in focus. The show combines comedy and juggling, which means that there is something for everyone and LuQas' high energy leaves nobody untouched.

With diabolo, stupid tricks and a balancing act, be impressed and enjoy LuQas street show, an experience for the entire family.

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