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  • Chris O'Reilly

A word from your Fringe organisers

Whilst the city and its many theatres and venues may have been closed for much of the past year, they, and the city, have begun to reopen, welcoming new works developed during this period of hibernation.

Over 400 years, Gothenburg has grown into the western hub we know today, and whilst it may be known as a port, where trade fuels the economy, it’s the artists and creators that give Gothenburg its vibrancy and energy. We are delighted to be part of Gothenburg’s celebrations for its 400 years and are excited to bring the many aspects of the city’s long history together when we host this year’s opening at Kronhuset, where goods to be traded were once stored, and now transformed into a cultural hub.

Exploring unique spaces and working with independent venues has always been a defining aspect of Gothenburg Fringe, and this year is no exception. The Fringe will be returning to Gathenheilmska Huset, Kulturtemplet and for the first time since 2018 Esperantoscenen. We’re pleased to also begin working with Aftonstjärnan in Lindholmen, and Nefertiti within the walls of the old city, spreading the joy of Fringe across more of the city than ever before.

Gothenburg Fringe’s goal has always been to give a platform to innovative and less established artists and, in 2021, that goal feels more important than ever. Following a period where even established artists have seen their performance opportunities vanish, creating possibilities for those working independently is essential for the return of the city’s vibrant cultural life.

This year, we return to welcoming artists and creators from across Europe and beyond, as well as a selection of excellent local and Swedish performers. And, for the first time ever, Gothenburg Fringe will feature several “Digital Days” in the run-up to the main event, with online and interactive performances unlike anything we’ve hosted previously.

Artists at the 2021 Fringe will be taking on a broad range of topics, each using their own unique medium. Some will be exploring borders, limitations and personal boundaries, creating dystopian forms with their bodies and discussing political turmoil, others will create musicals on the spot, share stories of their vulvas or read the audience’s mind. One thing unites all of this year’s artists, however, their excitement to be returning to the stage and begin performing again.

For many, this year may have felt like a rerun of 2020, but one thing we can promise you is that Gothenburg Fringe will be anything but that. With the lifting of restrictions, reopening of venues and borders, and the rollout of vaccines, we can once again return to hosting an eclectic mix of international and local artists and broadening Gothenburg’s horizons. We look forward to seeing you at the shows!

Your Gothenburg Fringe 2021 team:

Josh Franklin, Elin Hansson, Giulia Giubergia, Hanna Gödl, Nikhil Acharya, Sidhant Ray and Chris O’Reilly.

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