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Bloom Monday 2019 - 2 September

Come and blossom with us!

Since 2017, Bloom Monday has offered our artists, audience and anyone with a passion for Fringe to share ideas, experience and knowledge in a relaxed atmosphere. Whether it be workshops where we practice dance and spoken word or sessions where we talk about the industry and what power we find in the arts, there is something for everyone.

Mondays after a festival are usually characterised by tiredness and people leaving the city, on their way to the next event, but not here.

We invite people to stay and take the time to reflect on the work we have seen and to grow from there. That’s why we call it Gothenburg Fringe’s final day “Bloom Monday”.

All are welcome to take part and activities are free to join. Please note that the numbers are limited for most sessions and will be given on a first-come, first- served basis, so contact to secure your spot in the fun.

Contemporary Master Class

10:30 - 12:30 at World Dance Company, Stigbergstorget 8

Lead by: Director Chung An and Dance group

Resident Island from “Factory”

Previous experience in dance is recommended!

Begin Bloom Monday with a dance workshop led by an expert. The Artisic Director of the dance group Resident Island’s “Factory” Chung An will take you through a warm up, share the Taiwanese dance group’s technique and give you a chance to explore contemporary modern dance together with professionals and dancing enthusiasts alike.

Physical Acrobatically Theatre - Initiating the Neutral Mask

10:30 - 12:30 at Teater Trixter,

Masthamnsgatan 17

Lead by: Erika Webe from “PRRR”

In true Bloom Monday spirit, Erika takes us on a journey to find the fictional body and incarnation of a character and provide new tools for actors, dancers, acrobats, clowns and musicians as well as stretching our bodies and find our own possibilities.

Transparent Encounters around the World

10:30 – 11:30 at Gathenhielmska huset,

Stigbergstorget 7

Lead by: Hyunji Jung from “Transparent Encounters”

Hyunji travels the world to open herself and others up to meet, communicate and connect with her interactive city-wide performance. “Open is not a simple word, for me and maybe for others too… I feel alive, feel my heart getting warm, when people say hello with eyes, when people call my name and ask about my dream.

Transforming your Shit into Gold

11:30 – 12:30 at Gathenhielmska huset,

Stigbergstorget 7

Lead by: Sereno Cantaro from “Co-Labteral Recycles”

Learn how Sereno discovered he had to rethink trash and how it inspired possibilities of creativity. Listen to how he thinks this is how we have must approach the future in order to sustain life on this planet.

Movement and words

13:15 – 15:15 Teater Trixter,

Masthamnsgatan 17

Lead by: Elsa Couvreur from “The Sensemaker”

Explore how many meanings a movement can have, how many movements can illustrate a word, and the relationship between the two of them. The voice and the body are tools to open up new possibilities.

How to walk on a tight rope

13:15 - 15:15 at Gathenhielmska huset Garden, Stigbergstorget 7

Lead by: Autoportante from “Fuori Al Naturale”

Have you ever tried to find balance in life? Then we suggest you start with learning how to walk on a tight rope. As the festival draws to a close, we like to send our artists and audience off with something to remember.

Poetry, Performance and Revolution!!!

13:15 - 15:15 at Gathenhielmska huset, Stigbergstorget 7

Lead by: David Lee Morgan from “Science, Love and Revolution”

Learn from David in his works with words. He teaches you how to think in forms, opposite, breath deep, memorisation, slam strategy and so much more! Hold your tongue, because it’s going to be twisted in this play with words!

Art and the City

15:45 – 16:45 at Frigga, Pölgatan 5

Lead by: Isabel Lagos, Creative Director of Gothenburg Fringe

What role do we want the arts to have in city development? Gothenburg is changing and as “the city is our stage” is our tagline, we invite you to explore how we can become more creative in giving hidden places a voice as well as embracing the possibilities that come with change.

Chilling in our cottage – 16:45 onwards at Frigga, Pölgatan 5

Grab some snacks and let’s talk about our festival experience and projects to come!

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