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First batch of artists for 2020 revealed

Updated: Jul 20, 2020

Gothenburg Fringe goes local this year and we’ve been working hard to bring some brilliant and varied talent together to perform on 3-6 September 2020.

We’ll be revealing the full programme over the next two weeks and begin with a fine mix of Gothenburg Fringe regulars and exciting newcomers – presenting everything from improv and installations to music and modern Shakespeare.

Viewpoint by Nonplussed

When stories are retold from multiple perspectives, people discover new things about themselves and about the world they live in. How can these discoveries help them understand each other better? How can they find a way to a shared point of view?

Three actors improvise the whole show to tell a story of human connections, of love and loss, of victories and disappointments. Blending comedy with time travel and drama with farce, the show opens new perspectives in the age of relative truth on Friday 4 September at 2Lång.

OFELIA 2.0 - Världens minst spelade pjäs by Karolina Willebrand Vinnberg

OFELIA 2.0 is a one-woman show based on Shakespeare’s Hamlet, the #metoo movement and the revengeful pop music of Taylor Swift.

Ofelia is given space to tell her story through different expressions; physical theatre, blank verse, modern language as spoken word and rap, dance and a pop ballad.

OFELIA 2.0 is an honest story about psychological violence told with both darkness and humour. It’s one of the world’s most-played plays in a modern and live shape. The show premiered at Fria Teatern in Stockholm 2018, raising recognition, tears and laughter, and will be played at Frilagret on 4/5 September and Gathenhielmska Huset on 6 September

The Soft Revolution of Goth Punk Poetry by Louise & Henke + Nadja Itäsaari

A lyrical riot spiced with surprises, mixing poetry, music and performance.

Louise Halvardsson, Henrik Mimerson and Nadja Itäsaari return to Gothenburg Fringe for their third appearance in four years with their consistently unique shows which engage the audience to participate.

Their show is built on live poetry, music, performance and a bit of improvisation, which is certain to delight the audiences at Trixter on 4 September and Gathenhielmska Huset on 5 September.

Turning the outside in by Niklas Möller

A digital experience! We welcome you to co-create an installation with the use of your smartphone.

As a participant, you are asked to walk around the outside of Lagerhuset, sharing personal associations with the words outsider and periphery.

The result is a mesmerising online-gallery, viewable in Frilagrets Blackbox.

Sparklingwingz by Tomas Halling

After appearing at the very first Gothenburg Fringe in 2016, we are delighted to welcome Tomas Halling back this September.

His show MusiFusical opens up the cosmos, overflowing with infinity, music and theatrical performance with extraordinary new worlds, mysteries, characters, words and nonwords, elastic compositions and improvisation.

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