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First tickets released for Gothenburg Fringe 2023 - Artist drop no.1

The first batch of tickets for Gothenburg Fringe 2023 have been released with 20 shows now on sale and the remainder to come in the coming days!

Gothenburg Fringe Festival 2023 takes place on 1-10 September, when approximately 110 performances at 9 venues around the city. Fringe gathers a unique blend of talented artists from around the world in theatre, comedy, dance, music, poetry and everything in between.

We're celebrating our eighth year in Gothenburg and the new longer format will give you an opportunity to experience more than ever before.

Curious? Come along and discover this celebration of alternative performing arts for yourself and get your tickets here.

To celebrate the first ticket release, here is a look at 10 of the shows you can book tickets for right now!

Created a Monster (UK)

Conspiracy of Orphans (CoO) explores the death of a loved one through the lens of the monstrous games of children.

CoO tells a dark story of Europe’s unspeakable past, transposing stories of war through the prism of two children’s perspectives fused with Created a Monster’s typically hellish exploration of the surreal, the comic and human horror through mime, bouffon, clown and signboards (“Whoever Cries Will Be Shot”; “The Miracle”). The piece has no words, exploring as it does ‘the unspeakable.’

by Storm Dunder (Sweden)

It feels almost human. Though it may just be a collection of parts scattered around a dimly lit writing desk, cogs and wires, screws and nails, a motherboard. Can you break something that was never put together? A collection uncollected, a patchwork unpatched? Yet it´s conscious. It feels, it breathes, and dreams. It wonders if its shattering makes it whole. Welcome Home.

Storm Dunder is a music producer and performing artist who creates music and visual art that embody the most free, fragile, brutal, glorious and grotesque parts of their inner life. The act of creating, a fusion of passion and need where they are able to explore their mental health, the consequences of restrictive societal structures, and (trans)humanism.

With a violin in one hand and the microphone in the other Storm Dunder's Welcome Home explores mental health, the consequences of restrictive societal structures, and (trans)humanism. Through telling a story about a machine, with a distant memory of having been a child, Storm takes the audience along on their journey through gender-affirming treatments. Organic and synthetic sounds combine into a dissonant soundscape that balances between progressive rock and dark pop.

by ProEnglish Theatre (Ukraine)

Violence against women is a topic that is located in silence or revealed in traumas, anger and protests. When we speak of violence, we manifest it, we shout, we want to be noticed, heard. But maybe what we are really looking for is how to heal. The performance is a two-actress show that discovers the way to escape the circle of violence and underlines the uplifting feeling of freedom that every person possesses.

by ilYoung (Sweden)

"Skin Issues" is a new creation by Israel Aloni and ilYoung, a cast of 8 young and emerging contemporary dance artists, exploring the different dimensions and functionalities of skin.

Gen Z has been introduced to the world through screens and digital experiences which had not been accessible to the previous generations. Tectility means something else to those who do not know the world prior to the techno-digital revolution. The skin is the largest organ in the body. It is the most quickly regenerated tissue in the body. The skin is one of the most significant materials in terms of interaction between an individual and the world as such.

The skin is made out of three layers, each with its unique role, purpose and significance.

Skin Issues is looking to address the potential challenges in interpersonal interaction and practices of empathy when the skin loses some of its significant functions in the curation of the human experience.

The cast is an exciting mixture of Swedish and international young artists, each with a rich personal and artistic experience thus far but with the desire and passion to delve deeper into their practices as they refine their individuality and expression in the world.

by Sindri "Sparkle" Freyr (Iceland)

You're Lucky He Was Nice is half personal storytelling show and half slideshow based comedy show, an exlploration of what it is to be queer and what being desired means, where where Sindri "Sparkle" Freyr tells the stories of the two times they came close to being beaten up for wearing a dress. Sindri won the Nordic Fringe Network award at RVK Fringe 2022 with this show and brings it to Sweden for the very first time.

by Sophie McKeand (Wales)

ysbryd | cyborg | spoken word | field recordings | techno | iaith | The MthR Trilogy is an epic sci-fi adventure of interwoven stories told from a panoply of coalescing and conflicting standpoints. It explores notions of shifting power, loyalty, language, and love as people & cyborgs navigate personal and professional relationships in a singular slice of time. The live events consist of spoken word, looped vocals, glitched field recordings, excerpts from the audiobooks, & occasional improvisation with select musicians.

by gbgimpro (Sweden)

A collaboration between Gbgimpro and freelance actors. The actors have rehearsed scripts, one part of a dialogue, that they have to stick to, and the improvisers from Gbgimpro have to improvise the other part.

The Highland Joker (UK)

Join Mr. Bubbles with his extraordinary soap bubbles in all shapes and sizes!

The Bubble Show is a unique blend of magic, storytelling, science and bubble art! Enjoy bouncy bubbles, bubbles inside bubbles, smoke bubbles, square bubbles, giant bubbles, and even fire bubbles!

Actor, storyteller, and Guinness World Record holder, The Highland Joker, is one of the top bubble artists in the world, bringing you an interactive, fun, international award-winning bubble extravaganza!

Suitable for ages 3-12+

★★★★★ Deadline News, Edinburgh "The Bubble Show: flawlessly simple and full of wonder"

★★★★ The List, Edinburgh “Engaging showmanship from bubble maestro the Highland Joker"

★★★★★ Theatre Review New Zealand "Mr Bubbles works wonders with buckets, bowls and troughs of water and detergent"

★★★★ Edinburgh49 "This show's gentle humour and obvious passion will lift your spirits"

Best Family-Act award, Face TV New Zealand 2016

Audience Choice Award, Nelson Fringe 2018

Top Children’s Entertainer Award, New Zealand Variety Artists club 2019

As seen in the Guinness World Record Book 2020 & 2023

by Olle Sundström and Linda Bengtström (Sweden)

Anxiety walks beside you, behind you, in front of you, wherever you go. Sometimes you carry it on your shoulders, other times it carries you.

Anxiety Ridden is a multimedia piece about anxiety. The performance includes film, both live and prerecorded music, and dance.

Film directed by Olle Sundström and Linda Bengtström. Actors: Olle Sundström, Linda Bengtström, Felicia Lundmark, Malin Lindberg. Music written and produced by Olle Sundström. Choreography by Mira Jägemar. Live performers: Mira Jägemar, Ångesten.

Waterflower (real name Sabīne Moore) is an eco-futurist artist and music producer from Latvia. Using plants and mushrooms as both instruments and MIDI generators, they create a unique blend of avant-pop, hyperpop, and digital hardcore that speaks to the urgent need to protect and preserve our natural world. In addition to their raw and powerful music, Waterflower's live shows feature synced video animations, creating a truly immersive and multi-sensory experience.

With a critically acclaimed album (nominated for two Latvian Zelta Mikrofons awards) and a music video selected to compete in the Riga IFF Baltic Music Video competition, Waterflower is an artist to watch out for. They are not only a musical talent, but also a visual artist whose work can be exhibited in galleries as well as discovered in underground clubs.

In addition to their work as Waterflower, Sabīne Moore also performs as drag king Bill Lagoon. Waterflower's roots in the underground music scene go back to 2006, when they first gained recognition as bedroom pop and noise act Kroffork, releasing their music for free on As one of the first female solo acts in electronic music in the Latvian underground, Sabīne Moore has been making a name for themselves for over a decade.

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