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Full 2021 programme released

Updated: Aug 30, 2021

International performing arts returns to Gothenburg with over 100 performances at Gothenburg Fringe 2021!

Download the programme here

GFF_2021_programme_24aug_single pages
Download PDF • 20.18MB

Today, we release the programme for the 6th edition of the Gothenburg Fringe Festival, which will run from 8-13 September. This year's edition of the performing arts festival offers a wide range for different age groups and tastes with a variety of dance, theatre, music, circus, and everything in between.

Although many of the world's theatres and other cultural venues have had to close their doors for much of 2020 and 2021, this has not stopped the creative energy that exists in Gothenburg and the rest of the globe. The artistic drive bubbled up beneath the surface, new works were created, and as the city reopens, it is now time to invite the audience to new meetings and experiences.

The venue for this year's opening evening will take place at Kronhuset, which in 2021 has opened its doors to the public and the city's creative figures as Kronhuset Kreativ Arena, to create a new cultural hub in this historic building.

Exploring unique spaces and collaborating with independent scenes has always been an essential aspect of the Gothenburg Fringe Festival. Among the venues are Gathenhielmska huset, Kulturtemplet, Esperantoscenen, Aftonstjärnan and Nefertiti, which during the festival will be home to over 100 performances with both Swedish and international artists.

A new aspect of this year's program is the first "Digital Days", from 4-7 September, where the audience can experience digital and interactive live performances with artists from the USA, Great Britain, Estonia and Ireland.

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