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  • Chris O'Reilly

It's Fringe Week - a welcome message from our team

Hello dear Fringe community and welcome to the 8th edition of our festival, your annual gathering of a unique blend of talented artists from around the world in theatre, comedy, dance, music, poetry and everything in between.

As well as the magic produced by the artists and community alike, every year at Gothenburg Fringe possesses some added special characteristics and two things stand out for us in 2023.

Firstly, we have doubled the length of the festival, from five to ten days on 1-10 September. The new longer format has been adopted after feedback from our dedicated community last year, who simply wanted more time to see more of the programme, so while we have not made the overall programme any larger, we have made it longer, giving everyone an opportunity to experience more than ever before, so get your tickets here.

Secondly, it’s our hub for the opening weekend on 1-3 September as we head to Slakthuset in Gamlestaden. Since the middle of August, we have hosted four talented local artists at Slakthuset as they develop a brand new site-specific work, Dew of Rebirth, specifically for the opening evening on Friday 1 September – what a way to launch the festival!

This residency is a sign of the efforts we have been taking to create more opportunities for artists, with two residencies hosted this year, supporting artists in taking their work to festivals abroad and creating further performing and learning opportunities with our seasonal showcases.

The ten-day festival will not be all about shows, however, as we have dedicated workshop and networking days on 4-5 September, before launching a whole new programme on Wednesday, with performances at venues such as Folkteatern, 2Lång, Oceanen, Trixter, Gothenburg English Studio Theatre, Världskulturmuseet and Gathenhielmska Huset.

With over 120 events taking place, there is so much to choose from and even the most hardened Fringe fan won’t be able to see absolutely everything. But make sure you try to see as many different shows as possible. Our advice is to book some shows you really want to see in advance, leave some space for recommendations you get during the week and then choose a couple of performances completely at random, that will make for a true Fringe experience. You can read and download a digital copy of our brochure here.

Once again, this year’s programme makes a statement for what we believe Fringe is all about, giving a platform for everything from the weird and wonderful to the polished and acclaimed – and everything in between. We feel incredibly fortunate to welcome this group of artists to Gothenburg Fringe and share them with you and we hope you will get to experience as much of it as possible.

If you have read this far, then it’s safe to say that you’re curious about what lies inside, so come along and discover this celebration of alternative performing arts for yourself!

Your Gothenburg Fringe 2023 team

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