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Local and international talent on display in latest show announcements

With just over two months until Gothenburg Fringe 2021 kicks off, the show confirmations keep flooding in!

The announcements will keep on coming over the next couple of weeks as we confirm our lineup for the festival on 8-13 September.

Tickets for these shows and many more will be released in early July on Billetto.

To be among the first to get your hands on tickets, enjoy ticket offers and more benefits, join our membership programme.

The Sleeping Carnival

By Beatrice Aurore & The Make Believers

The producing duo Beatrice Lindholm (Beatrice Aurore) & Linn Oscarsson (Lady Rivet) created a mystical vintage inspired circus show, which had its premiere at Teater Tre in Stockholm March 2018 with a sold-out show and high praise from audience members - some even claiming it to be ”among the best shows I’ve ever seen”. The project is a crossover between live music and circus & other performing arts such as dancing and burlesque.

The song lyrics are in many of the songs exploring darker themes such as violence, drug/alcohol abuse and unhealthy relationships. The main theme in the show is a mix or clash between darkness and fun and sparkling circus atmosphere. The idea of the work for the producing duo was to present many of the amazing female circus and variety performers they have come across during their years as performers and let them create their own choreographies within their own disciplines, to the music and lyrics of Art Pop musician Beatrice Aurore.


By Iria Arenas

anverso is the result of three weeks of intensive research with the students ‘SOZO visions in motion’. This project was the closing of an artistic residency program in Kassel, Germany.

During this period of time, research was done on the idea of ‘how to embody the loss of individual identity’. In this project, the performers express a deep anxiety about the future of materialist civilisation, in which the freedom and creativity of the individual are subordinated to the capitalist system represented as a bizarre hybrid monster of human body parts.

During the performance the audience experience how to watch bodies in a different way. The performers are seen as asexual bodies without facial expressions and they move as strange entities. Naked human bodies are transformed into something else, non-human creatures. Explore the idea of making a body monster in movement as a metaphor for the global system and the actual loss of our individual identities in our society.

Dirty Corset

By Bang Average Theatre

For you we three’ve a tale a little strange:

Of gender-benders, sex and manly mange;

Bloody motherhood, ill-got syphilis;

It’s emerged from a tatty chrysalis.

In 400 years, you’d think we’d’ve changed

And yet we are all still broken and stained.

Bang Average Theatre brings you back to the Restoration Period, when women first appeared on stage. They integrate original playtexts with new text, movement pieces and mask-work to tie together a story of the world then that reflects the world now.

"We want to show their world - the theatre, the disease, the sexual desires, the struggle for freedom - through our surreal, silly, modern lens.

"It was one of the first periods women had any creative, sexual or intellectual independence, which was then buried in the moralising and sexual repression of the periods that followed it. Plays from this period, many written by women, are rarely performed today; they exhibit a sexual liberty in their bawdiness and a reversal of gender roles that we are only just reclaiming in our ideas about gender today."

Mask and Man

By Maria Hansson

Mask and Man is about identity, how it's created and of invisible oppression. Boundaries from environment and self can both be creating and narrowing. How do you stand up for yourself when you lack vocabulary? And a character with the privilege to use words- have it anything interesting to say? No answer is given. Performed in a concept of "natural opera" with the aim to go beyond genres to come to the core of what the expression need.

After a successful run at Gothenburg Fringe in front of restricted audiences, Gothenburg has another opportunity to catch this wonderful site-specific piece in 2021.

A letter to my Vulva

By Teater Vølven

If you were to write a letter to your own vulva what would you write?

Dear pussy! Dear friend, my love! Dear old buddy! Damn, you are so provocative to have! Completely uncontrollable!

Teater Vølven has created a post-dramatic, absurd performance that takes the audience through a stream of voices. The performance takes the audience through different layers of feelings and situations into the world of the vulva. This is done through physical theatre, featuring both humor and seriousness. ‘A letter to my Vulva’ is a documentary theatre, built on real personal (anonymous) letters collected through workshops for women, non-binary and trans people, all that share the common experience of having a vulva or identifying with having one. The play shares their stories, it is a performance both for those who have a vulva and those who don’t.

Unexpected Visitors

By Fiasko Kompaniet

In “Unexpected Visitors” the fear of the unusual is investigated. Through colorful humor, shapes and sound as scenography, we open a door to the unknown and invite the audience to meet their daily surroundings with curiosity.

the border | line

by Zula Rabikowska

This project explores life during the time when Nazi Germany occupied Poland, a period when 21.4% of Poland's population died.

Zula Rabikowska worked together with her grandad to retell this historical period from a personal perspective, and reflect what borders mean in relation to identity through film.

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