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Sacrilegious drag, magical disasters and dark comedy - Artist drop no.2

We're just 50 days away from Gothenburg Fringe 2023!

The first batch of tickets were released on Tuesday with 20 shows now on sale and the remainder to come in the coming days!

In this second artist drop, we look at 10 gloriously diverse shows, giving you a mouthwatering taste of what's to come.

Gothenburg Fringe Festival 2023 takes place on 1-10 September, when approximately 110 performances at 9 venues around the city. Fringe gathers a unique blend of talented artists from around the world in theatre, comedy, dance, music, poetry and everything in between.

We're celebrating our eighth year in Gothenburg and the new longer format will give you an opportunity to experience more than ever before.

Curious? Come along and discover this celebration of alternative performing arts for yourself and get your tickets here.

Heart of the Circus, Soul of a Showgirl. Burlesque Cabaret highlighting the feeling of the Reykjavík and New York variety scenes.

"Weird, Intimate, Wonderful." - TimeOut New York.

Comedy star of New York's downtown variety scene, the unstoppable Wilfredo hits town to present an all-star international spectacular. Accompanied by the mesmerizing Miss Mokki (The Undisputed First Lady of Icelandic Burlesque) and the fabulous Gógó Starr (Reykjavík's Forever Queen of the Drag Scene) in an outrageous and entertaining hour.

Anna Ozerskaia (Sweden)

Two separate pieces in one event, with a short break in between, created by Anna Ozerskaia and featuring performers from GöteborgsOperans Danskompani.

"Part One": This piece is a very personal and honest reflection on pandemic period. Originally performed for a single spectator only, it will now be shared with bigger audience.

"Me, Me and a Song": Two individualities, always back-to-back, negotiate their way through the space, committed to their limitation. Two minds, looking at the world from different perspectives, balancing between agreement and disagreement, but sharing the same story. Existing in here-and-now reality, this creature opens doors to our imagination. Or, maybe, those are just two words randomly put together in a song?

Sarah Richardson (UK)

In Katy’s office everything is perfect. Perfect people, intrinsically entwined, working together as one big happy family. There is only one problem. Her.

Cold, cutting and out of control, Katy is one team-building lunch away from tearing the whole office apart, personalised mugs and all.

She is heading straight for rock bottom, with a line of burnt bridges blazing behind her. But what sent her on this downward spiral? And is there anyone left that can stop her from the impending crash landing?

Sun Bear is a one-woman, dark comedy. Written and performed by Sarah Richardson using her signature style, mixing theatre and spoken word to tell electrically exciting and emotive stories.

Status Queer (Sweden)

On your knees, meat machine. Open your mouth. Get ready to be sucked deep into our tractor beam. All- the- way- to- the- oth-er- s-i- -d- - -e- - - - /¤*~§*****

Join us for our latest explosive out-of-this-world drag show ‘CULT of the extraterrestrials’.

In this juicy mouthful of radical queer culture, Gothenburg’s loudest, sauciest, and most sacrilegious drag collective CULT is joined by the beating blue heart of London’s alien underground herself: Bev.

Isa Bonachera (Spain)

Award-winning comedian Isa Bonachera is on a mission: to fill the world with awesome rock bands. In this rock-theme comedy hour, Isa will uncover the secret of rock music and try to turn everyone into leather-wearing rock stars.

Will she fill the world with twirling drumsticks and sick guitar riffs? Come and find out!

Reykjavík Fringe Funny Award Winner BBC New Comedy Award Finalist

'jokes and punchlines which really hit you with laughter' **** (Broadway Baby) 'a gift for the unexpected one-liner' **** (Three Weeks) 'thought-provoking and unapologetically dark' **** (Entertainment Focus)

Caged Together (Sweden)

Defence Ex Machina is an invitation to the coffee table banter of improvisers Daniel Malmqvist and Ricky LaBontee. In this show, the lines between actor and character are blurred as they weave seamlessly between heart-to-heart discussions, pop culture debate, and comedy stylings.

Their defence mechanisms propel them forward in a loosely narrative dive into the psyche of two friends seeking for truth in comedy and for the God in the machine.

Dan Zerin (Iceland)

Multiple award-winning comedian Dan Zerin brings a new version of his show "Squeak!" to Gothenburg Fringe 2023!

In "Squeak!", Dan delivers one hour of stand-up comedy covering his experiences with having Tourette Syndrome, Depression, traveling, therapy and more!


Get set for a frantic funny rollercoaster ride from the award-winning comedy magician KIZZA. Absurdly chaotic magical disasters, incredibly stupid mindreading routines and big big laughs guaranteed.

WINNER: Spirit of the Fringe Award - Colchester Fringe 2022 WINNER: Best New Act - Bucharest Comedy Festival 2021 "Crazy, romping, infectious energy from start to finish" (Fringe Review) "Fabulously funny night out" (York Press) "Genuinely joyful" (Reviews Hub)

Impram (Sweden)

The Ever After is a fully improvised show where one of your favourite fairy tales is dismembered, scrambled, and put back together in a version that has never been told before and will never be told again.

What happened after the hunter slayed the Big Bad Wolf? Was there more to the story about Snow White than we have been told? Impram will make sure that you get the full story. This is a show with no script or preparation. The actors will create and perform the story in the moment.

Impram is an improvisational theater company in Gothenburg, Sweden. They have performed improvised long-form and short-form shows since 2015. The group has an international cast, all shows are performed in English.

Rozarina Larsen (Sweden)

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