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The big programme release - part 5

As promised, we have a date for our ticket launch and it is just one week away!

On Friday 29 July, tickets for the full Gothenburg Fringe 2022 programme will be available to book.

And with that great news comes our penultimate artist drop with more intriguing and exciting talent coming your way on 7-11 September.

If you want to be among the first to secure your seats for these performances, sign up to our newsletter.

And become a member for access to 2 for 1 tickets, merchandise and other fun Fringe benefits.

Nick Jameson: A Crowd of One by Nick Jameson (Iceland/USA)

He's been pernicious as the Russian President in 24, cacophonous with Foghat, and murderous at The Comedy Store. Now Nick Jameson is bringing together standup-comedy, musical comedy, improv comedy and acting in A Crowd of One, a show that poses the question ‘Will the real Nick Jamesons please stand up?’

‘Nick is so good at so many things it’s a wonder I don’t hate him’ (Mike Reiss, executive producer The Simpsons). ‘The real deal, off-the-charts funny’ (Carlton Cuse, executive producer Lost).

Nick coming to Gothenburg Fringe is one hell of a treat and you can see him in action at Oceanen and Kvartersscenen 2Lång.

Before this & Sometimes, not always by ilYoung (Sweden)

'Before this’ and 'Sometimes, not Always’ are the two new contempory dance works created by ilDance’s professional junior dance company and choreographed by Lee Brummer and Israel Aloni.

Before This is inspired by the different stories of individuals; stories of loss, triumph, love, courage, life events and incidents which, when combined, all form the mosaic of both our personal lives and of our society as a whole.

Sometimes, not always reflects on the notion of borders as such. It aspires to expand what is considered as part of a huWOman being and sequentially, impact the way in which we interact with the world.

Grab your chance to witness some of the finest young and emerging dance artists with tickets already available for their performances at Atalante on Friday 9 and Saturday 10 September.

eventually by Jonathan Nagel feat. Susanna Ylikoski (Netherlands/Germany)

'eventually' is an intense and ecstatic music concert with dance and lights - a gradient from control to surrender. In the center of the space, a circle of light shapes the stage for the dance to happen. Music is played live with contrabass and electronics, and speakers in different spots in the room create an immersive experience. Starting from peaceful quiet, movement and sound develop in continuous gradual growth and explore the limits of perception as well as physical and mental control.

Clara and The Free Time by Ana Turos (Romania)

Every day, Clara the Clerk organizes the extracurricular activities of children. Only that today, in The Office no. 1 for Keeping Spare Time Fun, everything seems to be turned upside down. Driven mad by her tasks and by the Voice that gives her no time to rest, Clara receives a phone call that reminds her she was once a child as well. Her mind begins to wander and her imagination takes on in the quest of freeing her free time. An interactive show with clowning and a sprinkle of poetry.

Traverser la rivière sous la pluie by COLLECTIF2222 (France, UK, Colombia, Norway, Sweden, Turkey, Belgium)

Two families flee with hardly any luggage. They reach a river with no bridge in sight. On the other bank are two armed guards. The river is a frontier post. They cannot cross, but there is also no way back. They need to pass.

A timeless subject - civilians fleeing from a war. Clowns and buffoons on both riversides, speaking their own gibberish. They are neither martyrs, nor executioners. There is no pathos. Through comedy and laughter, we go towards tragedy as the stakes are getting higher.

Tunnel Vision by Linda Wardal & Cha Blasko (Sweden)

An intimate dance performance inside a tunnel for eight people at a time.

Four dancers enter, they pass by, come up close, lean on your shoulder, turn around, the wind of someone running. This is an immersive sound and movement experience where the world outside hardly exists. Tunnel Vision is created in response to the extreme uncertainty when people have to break up and leave their countries as well as referring to the personal experience of a relationship at a breaking point.

Tran • si • tion by Niklas Möller (Sweden)

Tran • si • tion is an exhibition of a series of poems devoted to anybody who has or is longing to change lifestyle - moving away from an urban environment into the countryside, establishing self-sufficiency in energy and food. The poems reflect on themes of homecoming, togetherness and uniting with the earth.

Niklas Möller has previously participated in Gothenburg Fringe Festival with the interactive works Turning the Outside In (2020) and A New Tree Grows (2021).

a past wash away by Vida Vojić Frankmar (Sweden)

“No room for nostalgia. But there is memory, still, beating in people. The streets change, changing their people. Time has two faces."

This is a site-specific piece performed as a silent poem written on a wall to be instantly washed away thereafter. Aiming to address the vast gentrification of the “Långgatorna” area in Gothenburg - the performance quietly questions the current culture and directs its audience’s attention toward the buildings as hosts of past and future time.

POETRY SCHMOETRY by Poetry Slam Gothenburg (Sweden)

Interactive Poetry, fun and games.

The audience can expect to write poems that they never thought they had in them. They can expect to be compared to the all-time greats. They can expect to surprise themselves and be surprised by others.

A comfortable space to take part in writing games, to hear your poem read by yourself (or someone else) up on stage, and to watch some of the finest poets in the country perform.

Expect beers, silliness and quality poetry at Haket on 9 September.

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