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Tickets on sale and more shows announced

In exactly two months’ time, we will have celebrated the opening evening of Gothenburg Fringe and be looking forward to the first day of the core programme on 9 September, making it the perfect time to announce that tickets can now be bought on our ticketing site

At last year’s Fringe, 90% of all tickets were sold and a number of performances fully booked, so reserve your seats for these brilliant shows as soon as you can.

Tickets for seven shows have gone on sale, four of which have already been announced in recent weeks, Love’s left hand, Anchor, Josephine and Shouting Like A Gentleman, alongside the following three acts making their Gothenburg Fringe debut on 8-13 September.

A letter to my Vulva

by Teater Vølven (Tickets)

The theatre performance, A letter to my Vulva, takes the audience through a stream of voices, through different layers of feelings and situations into the world of the vulva.

This is done through physical theatre, featuring both humor and seriousness.

A letter to my Vulva is built on real personal (anonymous) letters collected through workshops for women, non-binary and trans people, all that share the common experience of having a vulva or identifying with having one. The play shares their stories, it is a performance both for those who have a vulva and those who don’t.

Words from the audience:

“THANK YOU for tonight. I went out and felt MAX empowered (Me and my Vulva, that is).”

“I was mesmerized during the entire performance”


by LuQas (Tickets)

An exciting performance for the whole family where the audience can experience an unforgettable interpretation of Little Red Riding Hood. Narrative, improvisation and humor meet when the audience gets to decide. Crazy, unexpected and fun!


By Else Olsen Storesund (Tickets)

Thread is a stage work with music, dance and scenography, with and by the Norwegian dance trio No®way Home. They have three kids performing with them in this work.

The music is a sonography work, based on the sounds from the knitting machines at Tekstilindustrimuseet in Bergen.

Through ´sustainability´ and ´generations´, the performance takes the audience through a network of threads, knitted choreography, luminous spinning devices and shadows from the future.

- Can broken threads be tied together into something new in the end?

More shows will be announced and tickets released over the next couple of weeks, so start planning your week at Gothenburg Fringe and grab yourself some tickets right now.

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