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  • Chris O'Reilly

Want to perform in Bergen & Gothenburg? Time running out!

Gothenburg Fringe's special open call for artists based in Västra Götaland as part of a collaboration with KulturUngdom comes to an end this week.

31 March is the deadline for all artists based in the region to apply through eventotron to take part in Gothenburg Fringe 2022, taking place on 7-11 September.

Receive funding to perform in Bergen

As part of the application, shows with artists aged 16-30 can be considered for an opportunity to take their show to Bergen Fringe! KulturUngdom and Gothenburg Fringe have joined forces to provide 10,000 SEK of funding to send one show to Bergen Fringe from 31 August to 4 September, before heading to Gothenburg to perform on 7-11 September. In addition, one of the Gothenburg Fringe producers will work with you to help organise your trip and the logistics of performing at both festivals.

To express interest in performing, create a profile here and access the application form. Applications are accepted until 31 March 2022.

Your 300 SEK application fee goes towards renting the venues for Gothenburg Fringe 2022. Accepted artists are given their venue free of charge and will receive 100% of ticket sales.

You can also discover more about Gothenburg Fringe and ask any questions you may have about the application on our Facebook page or by emailing

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