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  • Chris O'Reilly

Young Fringe Producers project launched

On Sunday 14 February, we had our first online meeting with fellow Nordic Fringes from Bergen and Reykjavik to launch the Young Fringe Producers project.

The project was created with the aim to provide a platform for the exchange of expertise, staff, content and to ensure a sustainable working model for young festival producers.

Staff from all three festivals will be provided exchange opportunities, learning from each other's events as we aim to further professionalise the three teams and bring them closer together.

Topics discussed in the first meeting, attended by Hanna and Chris from GBG, included discussions on each of the Fringe teams' needs, an overview of the budget, identifying further funding opportunities and agreement on the next steps in the project.

The project received short-term support from Nordic Culture Point and will initially run until October 2021.

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