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Your schedule for the Winter Showcase

Updated: Nov 20, 2022

On 25-27 November, Gothenburg Fringe presents its very first Winter Showcase in collaboration with Bergjön Kulturhus.

Following the Spring Showcase in March and September’s annual festival, the weekend event in eastern Gothenburg celebrates the end of a busy and brilliant year of Fringe activity in the city.

We are thrilled to present another showcase as we build towards offering a year-round programme to the exciting and engaged community of Fringe artists and supporters that have been built in Gothenburg over the past seven years.

The Winter Showcase will focus largely on local-based talent, featuring artists and groups that we have an established history with us as well as emerging and internationally established artists.

Below is information on all of the events, all of which are free to attend but places are limited, so book your spot now!

Friday 25 November

Workshop - Laces creations 18:00-19:00 hrs at Bergsjöskolan (Rymdtorget 6) - Book tickets

Cinthya Medina Olguin is one of the founders of Laces Creations and works actively to build up the region's "Afro fusion" (West and Central African dances) scene. She has been crowned "Kukere Queen" by the Afrobeat artist Iyanya, danced in Timaya's music video "Ukwu" and participated in the production Wall Street (GöteborgsOperan). Cinthya has taught at Afreeka Best Dance Camp in Paris, Streetstar and Twisted Feet Summercamp. Won international Top Up Camp Showcase 2016 in Berlin and Afreeka Best Dance Camp 2017 in Paris. In addition to this, she has participated in TV productions such as the P3 Gold Gala with the artist Lamix (2018) and staged her own show Passwor(l)d.

In Cinthya's class you will get to experience the following styles: Konto (Nigeria), Azonto (Ghana), Coupé Décalé (Côte d'Ivoire), N'dombolo (Congo) and Afrohouse (Angola), under the collective name "Afro Fusion". You will practice the basics, groove but above all have fun!

THIS IS NOT THE END by Tova Ekenberg 19:30-20:45 hrs at Bergsjöskolan (Rymdtorget 6) - Book tickets Dad keeps calling. He wants to talk about the holiday. I want to talk about consequences. But really, I just want to dance. To the beat of the base the ice caps melts and the forests is turning to ashes. I am torn between extremes in a doomed world. But in the midst of the apocalyptic forecasts there prevails a burning love of life.

​"This Is Not The End” tackles one of our generation's greatest challenges. With autobiographical elements and lots of humor, the audience is taken on a journey through resignation, fighting spirit and hope.

SAQMI Presents - Short Queer Performance Acts 21:00-21:30 hrs at Bergsjöskolan (Rymdtorget 6) - Book tickets

This selection of short films highlights various forms of performance acts with the queer body in focus. The hairy body, the singing one and the burning one. Bodies that transform and change. Swathed, shrouded and winding in pink shimmer or just as a sensation, a movement or as the total scream above everything else.

Sandy Karste - Metamorphosis

Saturday 26 November

Workshop – Crash Course Improv with Michelle Haughton 11:00-14:00 hrs at Bergsjöskolan (Rymdtorget 6) - Book tickets

Improvisational theatre is a fantastic way to spark your creativity and work on your self esteem, this while having a good laugh. In this workshop we’ll be working together as an ensemble, in a safe and very friendly environment and while having an amazing time we’ll in short go through and become familiar with the basics of improv.

We will be working with body language and being present in the moment. Welcome to this workshop where we get grounded by going bananas!

Workshop – Physical Comedy and Play! with Oliver Nilsson 11:00-14:00 hrs at Kulturhuset Bergsjön (Rymdtorget 9) - Book tickets

A playful, stimulating workshop to all levels of experience.

The workshop is led by the multi-award winning and international physical comedian Oliver Nilsson, based on the teachings of the renowned pedagogue Jacques Lecoq.

The workshop is divided into two sections. In the first section we look at the relaxed body, the neutral body and mime through play and exploration. In the second section we physically explore how to create a character, and play with our inner ridiculousness.

MonoFlock by Balettakademien 11:00-12:00 hrs at Kulturhuset Bergsjön (Rymdtorget 9) - Book tickets

"Flocking behavior, as a type of self-organised collective behavior, is described as the spatial formation of groups without global control and explicit inter-individual recruitment signals. ... The two other sub-processes of this self-organised collective movement [are] collision avoidance and alignment." (« Spontaneous Flocking in Groups » by Belz, Pyritz, and Boos)

(mono)Flock investigates the symbiotic relationship of the identity of the individual with the identity (or existence) of the flock. Does the individual even exist without the flock? Do we as humans understand our unique identities only because we exist in relationship/contrast to others in our flock? Or does the identity of the flock depend on the identities of each individual contained within? Is the identity of the flock a fixed and static thing ... or does it evolve in dynamic relationship to the flux of relationships and interactions--or lack there of--between its individual members?

The Unintentional Magician – Part 1 by Endre Schumicky 13:00-14:00 hrs at Kulturhuset Bergsjön (Rymdtorget 9) - Book tickets

The moment you reflect on your experience, you stop to experience it. You will never get to how it could be if you hold on to how it was.

The Unintentional Magician is currently a research performance about how to invite an audience into the experience without losing internal focus.

It is a research about the tipping point between the character and the intangible sense of reality.

The flow of time between the shifts streches, and shrinks. We connect between breaths. You and me.

It is a process to let go of intentional decision making from the mind, to then be able to realise: the magic is within, and so without.

Tack Skam by Christian Hjärner 15:00-15:30 hrs at Kulturhuset Bergsjön (Rymdtorget 9) - Book tickets

Du är inbjuden in till ett rum skam där skam får finnas lika mycket som glädje eller sorg. Får vara vacker och vidrig, tyst eller i sång. Kom nära och fråga: Hur luktar skam? Hur smakar skam? Hur låter skam? Hur känns skam? Hur ser skam ut? Skam, skam, skam. Drunkna i din satans skam. ”Tack skam” är en postdramatisk föreställning där scenbilderna och händelserna kan verka lösryckta, men där utforskandet av skam blir en röd tråd. Publiken får vid vissa tillfällen som grupp var med i undersökandet men valet av deltagande ligger i deras händer, inget är fel. Christian Hjärner går just nu femte och sista året på Högskolan för scen och musik där han studerar till teaterlärare för gymnasiet.

THE NEW OLD SCHOOL 17:00-20:00 at Bergsjöskolan (Rymdtorget 6) - Book tickets

"The conquerors arrived, and the old conquerors left."

Saturday night schooling?? >> Special school takeover in the shape of poetry and performance!

Join us in Bergsjön for an evening of poetry, performance art and hot tea. Together, let's dive into the mysteries of the past.

The evening will consist of: - Poetry by Tom Madeley - "Timing is Divine" performance by Vida Vojić - A reading of "Eleven Stars Over Andalusia" by Mahmoud Darwish, in both English and Arabic

Sunday 27 November

Open Stage 12:00-15:00 hrs at Bergsjön Centrum

Calling actors, comedians, poets, story tellers, dancers, improvisers, or any original acts. Come and show us what you've got at Bergsjön Centrum on Sunday 27 November from 12:00 hrs.

For the Gothenburg Fringe Winter Showcase, we want to offer a stage to anyone in the performing arts scene who has something to share.

Each participating artist will be given up to 15 minutes to perform. The performance space at Bergsjön Centrum is public with set indoor lighting and you will have access to a PA, if needed.

If you would like to perform at the open stage, please contact Hanna Gödl by mail ( to book your spot. The first six artists to sign up will be guaranteed a 500 kr participation fee.

Schedule at Bergsjön Centrum – Sunday 27 November 12:00 – Open Stage Part 1 13:00 – Choir 14:00 – Open Stage Part 2

Workshop - Working with dance by I Rörelse and COMPASS 13:15-15:15 hrs at Kulturhuset Bergsjön (Rymdtorget 9)

This workshop is aimed at dancers between the ages of 15 and 25 who aim to work professionally with dance in one way or another. You may be studying dance, have just graduated, or perhaps you are already working as a dancer. We want to give you new tools and knowledge to be able to take the next step in your career or explore your opportunities to work with dance.

Questions and pre-registration via email by 25 November to

Schedule: 13:15 – Introduction 13:20 - About Gothenburg Fringe and Fringe festivals as a platform to show your work 13:30 - How can we work with dance? Freelance, employed, artistic, community-based, 13:40 - Creating a project step by step 14:00 - Break - there will be fika! 14:15 - Open conversation: we talk about our own expectations, plans and ideas, as well as give tips on how to create your own professional network. There will also be time to ask questions.

Blink Improvisational theatre 15:00-16:00 hrs at Bergsjöskolan (Rymdtorget 6) - Book tickets

Improvisational theatre is theatre without a script. The show is created in the moment completely without preparation! You'll never have to join us on stage. However, we gladly take suggestions from you in the audience to inspire us and our scenes! The performance lasts for approximately one hour.

Blink consists of five experienced improvisers and is an independent theatre group. We create our theatre performances in the moment, together with the audience we make Gothenburg's cultural life more surprising and unpredictable.

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