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Julia Poplawska


Frilagret - The gallery

10 minute video playing all day

Friday 1/9 12:00-19:00

Saturday 2/9 12:00-20:00

Sunday 3/9 12:00-19:00

Scamper-Progress-Urge (2015) deal with social problems. This video is an attempt to analyze polish society.


The progress shows a young person smoking a cigarette and reciting a prayer of a Jasnogórski appeal. The words express a hope in the young generation. Both smoking and prayer learned by heart are habits, repeated without hesitation, and both seem to come from unconscious mind. The last part of the triptych Urge shows a polish-german couple kissing on the bench. This romantic activity happens next to the national monument. Urge shows a new attitude of some of young Germans and Poles, who seek to reconcile through forgiveness and oblivion. They want to be free from historical disputes, which still exist between the two nations.

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Ages 16+
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