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SINCERELY SOLO (preview!) 


100 SEK

PotatoPotato Performing Arts


2/9 19:45 - 20:45 Teater Trixter

3/9 19:45 - 20.45 Teater Trixter

As part of the project Contemporary Performing Beats PotatoPotato welcomes you to a preview of their new piece!


Performer and DJ Helena Engberg has been single for ten years. In a performance where feelings and relationship conventions are mixed, PotatoPotato offers a sanctuary for the lonely. In sync and offbeat emotional, practical, political and personal matters are explored. What’s the beat of singlehood in the world's most independent country?

Sweden is top ranked as ”the most single country in the world”. The number of single households have increased as women have gained a stronger position. Since 2016 single women are entitled to assisted childbirth through Swedish health care by law. While society is full of single living, a mainstream idea of the romantic couple still has a grip of every day life. Those who deviate from the norm are constantly reminded, and the dating industry makes big money out of it.

Sincerely Solo sets the single to be the subjectand creates a space out of her story. Is she free? Is she alone? Is she a product on the market, even though she can’t be owned? Did she choose to be alone or did no one chose her? She invites the audience to a nightclub- inspired set up to share a sensual and physical experience beyondthe given dramaturgy of the dating entertainment.

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Tickets are also available via Swish at the door. We are a cash free festival.

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