The Gothenburg Fringe is an explosion of creativity in our great city, where you will find cutting-edge performances in unique and unexpected places, as well as some classic venues. Discover the places you should hang out at to enjoy the very best our festival has to offer.

Gathenhielmska Huset

Stigbergstorget 7

History quite literally oozes out of the walls of this stunning house. Built in the 1740's, and still containing many original features, each room possesses its own mood. It's an honour to perform in this most special of spaces.


Gathenhielmska trädgården

Stigbergstorget 7

The garden at the back of Gathenhielmska Huset charmed the audience and performers alike as it played host to Fringe performances for the first time. It will play a bigger role in the festival this year with circus acts and installations on display in these beautiful surroundings.


Kvarterscenen 2Lång

Andra Långgatan 30

Gothenburg’s best stage for entertainment and culture. Kvarterscenen 2Lång is a creative meeting place which offers theatre, entertainment, and theatre courses.  

Home to everything from folk music clubs and lecturers to stand-up comedians and swing jazzers - debuting at Gothenburg Fringe in 2020. 


Teater Trixter

Masthamnsgatan 17

The epitome of a backstreet theatre. Unassuming and covered in graffiti on the outside, Trixter is well-rehearsed at transporting guests to imagined worlds on the inside. 

A must-visit venue at every Fringe festival, the artists here are given a platform to deliver top-notch performances, while the care given by those at Trixter make them dear partners to everyone they work with.



Stigbergsliden 10

Stigbergslidens Vandrarhem is an affordable and pleasant hostel accommodation in a beautiful and inspiring environment, right in the heart of the Fringe and it will also play host to performances in its splendid inner courtyard.



Pölgatan 5

Gothenburg Fringe based at this cottage at Pölgatan 5, in the heart of the Gathenhielmska reserve. A venue perfectly suited for producing performing arts and other creative collaborations, including performances at the Fringe and our office during the festival.

frigga (1).PNG


Södra Allégatan 2

The small neighbourhood theatre, centrally located by Järntorget, has a long history in the cultural life of Gothenburg. It was built as a cinema in the 1910s, then converted into a children’s theatre in the 1980s and was finally inaugurated under its current name Hagateatern in 2003.
Today the theatre is run by the independent theatre group of the same name, Hagateatern, and every year at least two performances premiere. It is a space for guest performances, seminars, debates, readings and much more.



Kabelgatan 21

Kulturtemplet is a place for art developing and exploration where sound is the most fundamental topic.The old and beautiful water reservoir at Gråberget, which had been closed for over 70 years, hides a history and an acoustic treasure that is unique.



Heurlins Plats 1

This historical building on the edge of the Göta river has evvolved from a 1920's warehouse into a modern cultural center. This spacious, light and fantastically flexible venue has become a Gothenburg Fringe regular.