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Mina Jag

Mauro Rojas UnitArt


2/9 Gathenhielmska Huset

19:00 - 19.25 & 19:35 - 20:00

A dance piece with two young dancers


Choreographer: Mauro Rojas

Dancers: Alice Almarales Mossberg and Lovisa Wepplinger

Art: Malin Mossberg


The work shows the conflict between the young and the older self. Sometimes when young we dress up in far too big clothes, and in other situations, the clothes may feel too tight. 


The dilemma of a young life that at the end finds balance by picking up the story and taking care of the process.


The process itself is clearer for the young, still follows throughout life.


In this work the two young dancers bring to form their inner struggle on their way towrads finding themselves and their own expressions.


The painting enhances the experience of the journey for the viewer.


After the dance, the work of art is left in place and there will be opportunity for the audience to ask questions to the choreographer and the artist.


This event is free but has limited amount of seats.

Press the "Tickets button" to book via Billetto.

Free Entry

All ages
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