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Melting Structure - GOFF 2017 Invigning

Gothenburg Fringe Festival 2017 opens with

The premiere of a unique work of art in the square Stigbergstorget


20.00 - approx. 22.00

Have a picnic and listen to music on the square.

Before premiere of the artwork inaugurating Gothenburg Fringe Festival 2017 we warmly invite DJ Christian Pallin and Anders Olofsson to join us pre-premiere


Melting Structure - In collaboration with HIGAB

The square is slanted and the façade is gray. You are sitting with friends on a blanket or a mat, you have brought something to drink and some snacks. The work takes you over a year, in 40 minutes, when it's finished you're back where you started.


Or something has happened. There are people here who have the key to this work and this house. You are given a scalpel, you cut into the gray body and with a still movement you squeeze your hand and grab its heart. In one last attempt to save this life you hug it in a steady pulse. You do hope, after all. As the Mexican doctors respond when asked about this totally unscientific method: We know it does not work, but we still do it.


Gothenburg Fringe Festival presents Melting Structure, a unique collaboration between creators, the festival and Higab. The main attraction at the festival opening on September 1st at 22:00 by Stigbergstorget. In the center is the façade of Gathenhielmska Huset.


Gathenhielmska Huset has been an anonymous place, despite its rich and interesting history from the 18th century all the way to the beginning of the 20th century. The artists, the festival and Higab want to pay attention to the cultural heritage in harmony with contemporary creations. The vision of bringing the house and area to life was developed by Isabel Lagos and Malin Johansson, GOFF organisers. The festival activities are based in the Gathenhielmska Cultural Reserve since January 2017.


About the art work

Melting Structure

A performance in six scenes with site specific written music and sound art by Gusten Aldenklint. Lighting and texts by Friederike Mayröcker and Lina Hagelbäck. The work is site-specific and a one-time event. A portal for a future opening of the House.


The work is inspired by the opera film "Frozen Waterfall" by Isabel Lagos & Kalle Leander in creation at Studio Gathenhielm 2018-19. Read about the film here: Frozen waterfall

The performance is based on sound images of a black and white rain that moves against the façade and freezes it. A frozen waterfall is the centerpiece of the work and symbolizes the house's current role in the urban environment. When the façade is heated, the ice is released and the square flooded, a first sign of life is given after a very long time. The texts presented have been developed to complement the environments created. They get a different role in this work where a house is the main character and sound and light lead the performance.



Contributors are:

Gusten Aldenklint

Sara Henriksson

Rikard Lekander

Helena Gezelius

Martina Käll


A co-production between GOFF, Opera Estrad & Wänskapsförbundet - with support from

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