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Home is where the Fringe is 


Rent our Fringe cottage at Pölgatan 5


At the studio, both our own performances and as well as guest shows and events are produced in a historical and beautiful environment.

Pölgatan is an ideal venue for workshops, a comfortable space for meetings, rehearsals or intimate performances.
It is available to rent on weekday evenings for 200 kr per hour and on weekends for 800 kr per half day or 1500 kr for a full day.  

If you would like to experience it for yourself, you can inquire about renting a desk or a room by emailing us ( right now.


Discover the Gathenhielmska Cultural Reserve


The Gathenhielmska Cultural Reserve can be found in Majorna, Gothenburg, an area which contains buildings dating from the 1720s and the home of Gothenburg Fringe.

We are based at Gathenhielmska house and our cottage at Pölgatan 5, venues perfectly suited for producing performing arts and other creative collaborations.

A number of performances at the 2020 Fringe will be performed in and around Gathenhielmska house and the majority of venues are located just minutes away, making Majorna a true hub for the festival as we make the city our stage on 2-7 September.

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