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Strange Fangs Song Factory: Where Music Meets Mathematics and Emotions

In the heart of New York City, nestled amidst the bustling streets and vibrant arts scene, lies a creative powerhouse known as ‘Strange Fangs Song Factory’, which has brought Do You See What I Hear? to Gothenburg Fringe 2023. At its helm is the internationally acclaimed composer and musical virtuoso, James Wright Glasgow, whose journey through the world of music has been nothing short of extraordinary.

Do You See What I Hear? will be performed at Gathenhielmska Huset on Thursday 7 September at 20:30 hrs. Tickets are available here.

James Wright Glasgow: A Maestro of Many Talents

Hailing from the quaint town of Binghamton, NY, James Wright Glasgow found his true calling in music from a young age. His journey began with a profound love for composing, a passion that would shape the course of his life. Today, he stands not only as a distinguished composer but also as the proud owner of ‘Strange Fangs Song Factory’, a production company based in the heart of New York.

Glasgow's musical prowess is a testament to his mastery over a range of instruments, including the cello, piano, bass, and guitar. His compositions have graced stages across the United States and Europe, leaving audiences captivated by the sheer beauty of his melodies.

But what sets Glasgow apart is his unique ability to merge music with technology, creating an immersive experience like no other. He has introduced video projections into his performances, where the visuals seamlessly respond to the music being played. It's an artistic fusion that elevates the entire performance, immersing the audience in a

multi-sensory journey Glasgow elaborates, "The video projections that I've created, where it's all generated by the music that's being played. So it's set up where if we play loud or higher, different elements of the music and the reciting voice, control different aspects of the video."

Mario Moroni: Elevating Poetry to New Dimensions

In the world of poetry, Mario Moroni is a name that resonates with innovation. Hailing from Rome, Italy, Mario embarked on a unique journey into experimental poetry, pushing the boundaries of this art form to new horizons. His poetry, always rooted in experimentation, took on a new life when he collaborated with James Wright Glasgow.

Their partnership led to an evolution in the performative aspect of poetry, marrying it seamlessly with music. Mario explains, "The dichotomy is still traditional within an experimental mode or attitude. Tradition, because it's the type of topic that is binary. You have to prize the technology without idolizing it, which James is, in fact, a master of."

The Promise of Strange Fangs Song Factory

Their show Do You See What I Hear isn't just a place where music and poetry collide—it's a beacon of hope for the generations to come. Their music delves deep into the themes of hope, curiosity, and the human experience. With each iteration, their music evolves, much like genetics adapting to changing environments.

James emphasizes, "The central part of our whole composition is like a 'Punnett Square,' only that this time, our music is a square diagram that predicts themes of hope and curiosity for each generation."

Mathematics also plays a pivotal role in their experimentation. They use graphical representations to correlate with beat patterns, leading to a unique fusion of tonal and atonal elements. This approach allows them to express the chaos, irrationality, and pain of the real world, transcending the boundaries of traditional musical structures.

Embracing Emotionality

For James and Mario, emotionality is at the core of their music. They believe in breaking barriers and embracing curiosity, even if it means delving into the darkest corners of human emotion. Their music isn't just a "feel-good" factor; it's a journey that can break down emotional walls and illuminate the darkness within us all. In their own words, "Making our music is not just a feel-good factor; it can break barriers, it can break emotions and the darkness as you embrace it."

What to Expect at Do You See What I Hear?

Attending a Strange Fangs Song Factory performance promises an experience like no other. It's not a clear-cut story but rather a narrative filled with ups, downs, silences, and overwhelming noise. It offers something new and different, things you've never heard or seen before, all presented in a way that challenges conventional thinking.

James reflects, "If people come to the show, experience our show, hopefully enjoy our show. But even if they walk out and say, 'Oh, no, thanks. That's not for me,' they will have experienced something truly new and truly different."

In a world where artistry knows no bounds, Strange Fangs Song Factory stands as a testament to the infinite possibilities of creativity. With James Wright Glasgow and Mario at the helm, their music is a journey that blurs history and clarifies the future through mathematics, and emotions, leaving audiences forever changed by the experience. The future of music is here, and it's stranger, more beautiful, and more emotional than ever before.

Do You See What I Hear? will be performed at Gathenhielmska Huset on Thursday 7 September at 20:30 hrs. Tickets are available here.

By Ziphora Surrao

Linkedin: ZiphoraSurrao

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