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Your Ultimate Guide for a Free 2022 Gothenburg Fringe

Updated: Sep 1, 2022

When the Edinburgh Festival Fringe started in 1947, its core idea was to create an alternative and more inclusive space for artists. The Gothenburg Fringe embraces this vision and that results in many options to choose from. This year, the festival has over 150 events and it can be overwhelming to decide which to attend. In this series of articles, Khaled ElSamman will try to curate lists and guides of some of this year’s shows to help you better decide.

The first of this series is a suggested itinerary of shows spanning over the festival’s five days (7-11 September) that will cost you nothing to attend. It can be a good and safe way for newcomers to explore the Fringe without straining your budget. Please note that even though the shows and activities are free, some of them require booking on the ticket site. Click the on the activity’s name to be directed to its information and ticket link.

Day #1: Wednesday 7 September 16:30 till 23:30:

- Fringe Tram: Take Gothenburg's famous vintage tram from Stigbergstorget to Kviberg at 16:30 or 17:30. There will be entertainment and food on board!

- Arrive to Kviberg for the Opening Night full of music, performances and circus at Kulturhus Kviberg.

- Take the Fringe Tram again back at 19:45 from Kviberg to Masthuggstorget.

- Arrive at Kvartersscenen 2Lång to attend the Preview Night to get a taste of what’s going on on this year’s Fringe!

Day #2: Thursday 8 September 09:00 till 00:00:

- Check out the Tran • si • tion exhibition from 09:00 at Frilagret and running until Saturday evening.

- Check out the Portraits of Isolation video installation at 18:00 and take part in the workshop organised by the artists Milica Denković and Fuji Hoffmann

at Stage of Secrets near Chapmanstorget.

- Then head to Oceanen on Stigbergstorget to check out the Comic Worlds Installation by Sólveig Eva Magnúsdóttir.

Day #3: Friday 9 September 17:00 till Late:

- Head to Stage of Secrets to catch Life Under the Sun, a deep existential theatre show by Strangers & Exiles starts at 20:00.

- Stick around Stage of Secret since at 23:55, there will be a Vocal-electronic art-pop concert Perfect World of Love by Fierbinteanu.

Day #4: Saturday 10 September 17:00 till 19:00

- Head to Andra Långgatan 16 at 17:00 to watch Vida Vojić Frankmar performing The Great Wash (It will be in Swedish, but there are performances in English on different dates, check the link for more information).

- At 18:30 at PanJál Scenstudio Your Strangest Friend performance will take place. It has elements of contemporary dance and poetry!

Day #5: Sunday 11 September 15:00 till 19:30

- Kontakt, an improvised performance by the violinist and composer Terese Lien Evenstad, the dancer and choreographer Mira Jägemar and the actor and poet Emma Axberg will take place at Världskulturmuseet at 15:00.

- Then end your day with a delightful show at 18:20 at Kvartersscenen 2Lång where Judge Ricky will be performed.

And there you have it, a free Fringe experience brought to you by the Gothenburg Fringe.

P.S. Anytime you do spend money on tickets, bear in mind that 100% of your money goes directly to the artists. See you at the Fringe!

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