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  • Chris O'Reilly

Poetry, juggling and music among the joys of the Open Stage at Gathenhielmska's Greenhouse

The Gothenburg Fringe Seasonal Showcase begins on Thursday and while most of the programme has been set in stone for weeks, we can now share the final piece of the puzzle with you - Saturday's Open Stage.

In the intimate surrounds of Gathenhielmska's Greenhouse, an array of artists will showcase their work with a mixture of music, spoken word, movement and juggling across two hours.

Audience space is limited, so you're encouraged to book a ticket for any slot you definitely want to see. Here's the open stage schedule.

16.00- 16.30

Vlad Mohylnyi

Vlad kicks the afternoon off performing Ukrainian songs, based on poems of Ukrainian poets with ambient sound.

Love Dahlin

Minimalistic juggling act - a moving piece of art where movements slowly evolve, fade away and repeat.


Poesiwerken (A.V. Hernandez, Louise Halvardsson, Kasia X. Michnik, Andreas Chadien)

Spoken word and movement-based performance based on the book 'Jag är en man som inte vill någonting' by A.V. Hernandez, previously performed at great acclaim at Poesimässan in Stockholm.

"All eras have their sounds, their quirks, their bass lines, their wine, their kisses; nevertheless – everything is a stone approaching a window"


Martin Lönegren

A Singer-Songwriter with one foot in Americana and the other in the Swedish melancholy. Rootsy vibes with a hefty dose of heart and soul, delivered at a frequency that makes your soul vibrate.


Jaded Jane

Jaded Jane‘s agenda extends far beyond the music itself. Axel, the person behind the alias, sees melodies and soundscapes as bridges between people. He wants to welcome, enable, and open up a chance for listeners to relate. To feel less alone.

Eight events over three days at the showcase

The full Seasonal Showcase will take place across three days at Gathenhielmska Huset. Individual tickets are available for all performances now with combo tickets available if you'd like to catch two performances for a discounted price - get your tickets now.

Thursday 16th November

A gött FEMME show at 21-22:00 hrs

Friday 17th November

Closed to public eyes at 19-20:00 hrs

B O K E H at 21-22:00 hrs

Saturday 18th Nov

Open Stage at Gathenhielmska’s Greenhouse at 16-18:00 hrs No News at 17-17:30 hrs No News at 18:30-19:00 hrs

B O K E H at 20:30-21:30 hrs

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