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Gothenburg Fringe Award winners

On Sunday 26 August, Gothenburg Fringe artists and organisers gathered in the magnificent theatre at Draken to celebrate a festival full of fine performances, special moments and new friendships at the awards night.

Louise Halvardsson and Nadja Itäsaari from the Soft Revolution of Goth Punk Poetry presented the ceremony brilliantly.

The prizes were unique instruments created by Souléla and handed over by members of the awards jury, who revealed the seven deserving winners in the following categories.

Out of the box award

Rewarding the show which captures a number of the following characteristics:

#unusual #exceptional #extraordinary #special #uncommon #outstanding #rare #unique #remarkable #extreme #extraordinary #unparalleled #prominent

Winner: Remain Invisible - KT Yau Ka-hei

Site-specific award

With our tagline 'The city is our stage', we wanted to give a special prize to the artists who best interacted with the areas and the venues their performance took place in.

Winner: The Sea Widow - Stigberg Immersive

Buzz award

The show which created the most buzz and expectations around it, among artists and audience alike, as the Fringe progressed.

Winner: Cry, Blueberry - Richard Canal

Wow award For the show which inspired awe in audiences with its creativity, humour and content.

Winner: The Pink Hulk: One Woman’s Journey to Find the Superhero Within - Valerie David

Hot potato show

The show which dealt with a topical and urgent issue in modern society.

Winner: My Life Closed Twice - Gauntlet Theatre

New Audience award

A show which attracted a new audience to the Fringe for its artistic form, topic or target audience.

Winner: Cloud Catcher - Space of Movement

Nordic Fringe Network award

As part of the Scandinavian family of Fringe Festivals, the winner is offered an opportunity to represent the Nordic Fringe Network at a festival abroad in the next year.

Winner: Svankvinnan/The Swan Woman - Rebecka Pershagen

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