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‘The Opening’ kickstarts Gothenburg Fringe 2018

On Thursday evening, the third edition of the Gothenburg Fringe launched with a beautiful set of performances both in and outside Gathenhielmska Huset.

The site-specific performance featured original music by American group String Theory Harp together with music and story concept from the film script Frozen Waterfall by Isabel Lagos and Kalle Leander. String Theory Harp together with Swedish opera singers, including Gothenburg Opera’s Mats Persson, performed in the role of Lars Gathenhielm in front of a packed crowd at Stigbergstorget.

Audience members with tickets were then taken by theatre show ‘The Sea Widow’ on a guided tour around Gathenhielmska huset, before enjoying performances from Gothenburg’s Alternative Orchestra and Gathenhielm’s privateers.

This flying start bodes well for the festival as it heads into a weekend with over 100 performances between Friday and Sunday, featuring local and international artists performing comedy, dance, theatre, art, music, performance, film, circus and poetry.

Tickets are available on Gothenburg Fringe’s Billetto page.

‘The Opening’ was a collaboration with Opera Estrad and the municipal real estate company Higab. The company’s mission includes ownership, care and development of properties in Gothenburg. Higab’s long term aim is to, in collaboration with local and regional actors, develop cultural heritage places and bring them to life.

Photos: Zainab Arshad

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