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An iconic elephant, exploring existential questions and a hilarious waste of time - Artist drop no.3

The excitement continues to build here as we continue to release more tickets for Gothenburg Fringe 2023!

In artists drop number 3, we give you a fascinating blend of local and international talent in a variety of genres.

Gothenburg Fringe Festival 2023 takes place on 1-10 September, when approximately 110 performances at 9 venues around the city. Fringe gathers a unique blend of talented artists from around the world in theatre, comedy, dance, music, poetry and everything in between.

We're celebrating our eighth year in Gothenburg and the new longer format will give you an opportunity to experience more than ever before.

Curious? Come along and discover this celebration of alternative performing arts for yourself and get your tickets here.

Maher Dance Company (Germany)

A Dance research performance by Maher Abdul Moaty.

Trees are a link between heaven, earth and time and are life-givers. When we are near them, we feel connected to nature and to our ancestors who planted them.

In their presence, we find comfort, peace and new energy. We need the trees to live and they need our protection.

The partly improvised, partly scripted choreography expresses the parallels in the growth and life of trees and people.

In choreographic images and scenes, the morphology and energy of trees appear in analogy or in contrast to the human body. Trees are present on stage and come to life as the dancers play with branches, twigs and trunks in ever-changing stage spaces.

The costumes are also inspired by the morphology of trees, based on the analogy between bark and skin.

Instead of music, composed sound recordings of the rustling of leaves in the wind, the creaking, knocking and creaking of wood in the forest create a very special mix of sounds and rhythms for the choreography.

by Oliver Nilsson (Sweden)

Live on Air, A mumbling radio presenter gives you the worst program in existence. Stupidity and slapstick, characters, some kind of love letter to radio, gags gags gags, one-liners in a tombola, pratfalls and blows, clowning, trickery and lies, audience interaction, silly surprises, French sausages, German sausages, Swedish meatballs, mimicry, dogs, cats, maybe some other animals too, biscuits and beer, bonkers many honks, stomping and congas, slithering eels and shitty deals.

by Eee! (UK)

“A hilarious waste of time.”

Oli Weatherly is a clown on a mission. Join him for an hour of absurd comedy and joyful stage disruption. Prepare to meet a wizard and a man who dreams of being a stick.

Part psychotherapy, part rave, part hug to your internal organs.

Now is the time to leave understanding at the door.

Now is the time for 'Stick or Wizard?'.


“Oli Weatherly is a seriously accomplished clown.”

★★★★Edmonton Journal

“Stick or Wizard? is something magical. You're in the hands of a comic genius.”

★★★★Edmonton Fringe Beer Tent Reviews

“Stick or Wizard? is possibly the most bizarre, surreal, and completely pointless show you will ever see.”

Winner Audience Choice Award (Wandsworth Fringe 2018)

Winner Hot Ticket/Fringe Hit Awards (Halifax Fringe Canada 2019)

by Pablo Lechuga (Spain)

Do you know... the elephant in the room?

Come find out at the one-elephant show delivered by Pablo Lechuga. You’ll meet one of the most iconic elephants in history, the famous Babar. He’s waiting for you, and after years of sitting in his room, pondering his very own story whilst knocking back wine and sniffing peanuts, he’s now ready to share his true story.

Not suitable for those with peanut allergies, but completely fitting for those who want to laugh.

by Ida Johannesen (Norway)

The Red Riding Hood Diaries is a performative exploration of feminine existential questions - framed through the Red Riding Hood narrative. Through this project, Idah takes on Red Riding Hood's coat and dives into one of our oldest narratives – to explore herself as a modern woman. The content of the performance varies from each staging, and is Idahs take on what's going on within her, right now. The 2023 edition of the project focuses on becoming 40. But... what happened to the Hunter? WHERE IS HE?

Hanna Monola (Sweden)

Traditional storytelling combined with modern influences such as meditation and mindfulness techniques. The narrator helps to guide the audience through the story, starting with collective breathing exercises. There are also certain objects at hand which provide tactile experiences.

The work tells about the violent act of crossing someone's inner border. It also explores traditional gender roles in relation to this, and what can be considered as a safe space.

by Rachael Lincoln and Leslie Seiters (USA)

An award-winning physical duet by seasoned dance artists Rachael Lincoln and Leslie Seiters, Long Playing is an intimate and unfolding landscape of ageing, transformation, accidental beauty, and the imperfect shelters we construct to navigate the wilderness of our lives.

Dynamic and accessible, the piece invites the audience into a long collaboration and, eventually, onto the stage to participate in the sensorial process of being seen. Viewers of Long Playing have found evidence of a mercurial relationship, a critique of capitalism, and the transformative power of mundane and spectacular rituals.

This production won Best Dance in the San Diego International Fringe Festival and is presented at Gothenburg Fringe as part of a cultural exchange with the US-based festival.

by Two Poets (Sweden)

Two Poets are back at Fringe! After the success last year with the show "The songs that were never written", they are eager to bring new poems and songs to the festival. Their new show is called "Songs and Poems with Two Poets", and consists of spoken word, songs and maybe even some standup. The theme for this show is simply "stories with different shapes", and it will be a rollercoaster through experiences, emotions and insights.

by Arnór Daði (Iceland)

It's a mixture of observational and story-telling stand-up comedy show. Arnór reminisces about a time in his life as a starry-eyed 22-year-old who moved from a small town in northern Iceland to Reykjavík in the hope of becoming a stand-up comic. The first few years in comedy were filled with late-night shenanigans, bad habits and commitment to burning the candle at both ends. Life took a dramatic turn when he became a father. Now Arnór struggles with the fact that his daughter is funnier than him.

by Haifa Safa and Vida Vojić (Sweden)

Our current bodies are just a memory of the bodies of those who came before us. An actress is trying to search in history, trying to know the history of her body in order to understand this female body that rules her today. All these stories are nothing but an attempt to link the stories and her memories and seek help from them to know the truth of what they are? or (Who am I). It is a multimedia show with music playing on stage.

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