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Best of the Fringe celebrated in Spring Showcase – 10 to 12 March 2023

Updated: Feb 16, 2023

Tickets for Gothenburg Fringe’s Spring Showcase are now on sale and we have a stunning lineup for you, celebrating the best of Fringe both at home and abroad on 10-12 March. Get your tickets here.

Our three-day event will take place at Kvartersscenen 2Lång (Andra Långgatan 30) with two performances each day.

Friday 10 March 19:00 hrs - Your Song

Saturday 11 March

18:00 hrs - Bird About Town

Sunday 12 March

18:00 hrs - Bird About Town

Tickets can be bought for each show individually or as a combo ticket to see both shows each day for a reduced price - 200kr on Friday and Saturday, 150kr on Sunday.

We have invited two international acts who have thrived on the Fringe scene and beyond in recent years – here they are:


A Dublin and London-based comedy conglomerate who write and perform the award-winning Dreamgun Film Reads, a comedy show and podcast where they take a beloved film script and stuff it full of jokes and nonsense and perform them in front of a live audience without doing any rehearsal beforehand.

At Gothenburg Fringe's Spring Showcase, they will perform Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone on Friday 10 March and Titanic on Saturday 11 March.

Film Reads has won Dublin Fringe’s Best Ensemble Award, was one of BBC’s Top 10 Culture Podcasts of 2018 and the fourth best-reviewed comedy show at Edinburgh Fringe 2019.

Amanda Doherty

Amanda Doherty is a freelance theatremaker and actor based in Belfast. Alongside work as an actor for stage and screen she has, for the past few years, focused on creating original work which tours across Europe.

Topics of previous work have included inter-generational PTSD, women’s rights, and the Magdalene Laundries of Ireland. Amanda believes in art as a tool for social change and is inspired by the place where theatre and activism intersect.

On the back winning the Act Alone Award at Reykjavík Fringe 2022, Amanda Doherty returns to Gothenburg Fringe for the first time since 2017 with Bird About Town, a one-woman comedy where truth and reality seriously bend. Featuring hand-drawn animations from Belfast artist Fergus Wachala-Kelly, this storytelling solo show is both melancholy and tender.

A queer woman trying desperately to exist within a cost-of-living crisis, while her very-recent-ex was always the one to do the cooking. The world has broken in a bizarre way in this dreamlike exploration of the seagulls out to get you, the empty contents of cupboards, and a growing mushroom jungle.

Alongside our international acts will be two performances by Gothenburg-based artists. Two very different and equally unmissable performances.

The Night Before A Simple Misunderstanding

A Simple Misunderstanding at Gothenburg Fringe 2022 told the story of a relationship between two people over time, charting the topography of a love story from beginning to end.

Now let’s zoom in on one evening in particular. A single moment on the map. Two familiar characters in a familiar place, telling a new story at 2Lång. With any luck, hopefully, we will leave with a better understanding of what caused the simple misunderstanding.

With two sold-out shows and the Nordic Fringe Network award at Gothenburg Fringe 2022, a new version of the show by Zach Enquist, Rachel McNamee and Zander Constant returns at the Spring Showcase and a chance for you to see another side of these artists from GöteborgsOperans Danskompani. Get your tickets here.

Your Song

Music has meaning. Music can set and change someone's mood in a few heartbeats. The same song one person listens to, to get the heart pumping and blood flowing can make another stop dead frozen in their step. A simple melody can take you back and make you think ahead.

We all have our favourites. In this improvised freeform chaos spectacular, Equally Alike playfully explore, dissect and reassemble one of your own favourites. The duo, consisting of Christian Hjärner and Michelle Haughton, deliver a format that doesn't only teasingly and brutally entertain, it most probably will give Your Song several new meanings.

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