• Chris O'Reilly

Digital Days offer a taste of Gothenburg Fringe worldwide

Updated: Sep 2

On 4-7 September, Gothenburg Fringe launch a series of live digital performances for the first time.

Our ‘Digital Days’ feature seven performances over the course of four days with acts based in the USA, United Kingdom, Estonia and Ireland performing a variety of shows.

The focus of these shows is creating a unique and shared experience for the audience, enjoyed together at the same time, not simply a pre-recorded piece which can be watched on-demand.

An added bonus of the Digital Days is the exchange project we’re taking part in alongside Hollywood Fringe. The Hollywood Fringe Abroad Program sees our local talent Maria Hansson perform Mask and Man live on Saturday 28 August from 21:00, tickets available here, and in return, a show selected from Hollywood Fringe will perform at our festival on Sunday 5 September at 21:00.

Tickets for all of the events are available on and information on how you’ll be able to enjoy the show will be shared in the days leading up to the performance.

Gothenburg Fringe Digital Days Programme

Saturday 4 September

19:30: #txtshow (on the internet)

21:00: Initiation

Sunday 5 September

20:00: #txtshow (on the internet) 21:00: DIRTY CHAI, a hip hop Bollywood musical

Monday 6 September

19:00: OKBoomer – Lockdown Poems

20:00: Dicey-Online

Tuesday 7 September

20:00: Initiation

#txtshow (on the internet) By Brian Feldman Projects

This crowdsourced, immersive, multiscreen performance features a mysterious character called txt (pronounced “text”) who recites a script written anonymously in real-time by a live audience (online).

Created and performed by Brian Feldman, this LIVE, interactive performance takes place on Zoom, originating from his home in Washington, D.C., a 4.5-km walk from the Embassy of Sweden. This production serves as Brian’s Swedish debut. Only 22 tickets available for this show!


Initiation By Matthew Bratko and Frank Sweeney

You are invited to an audio-immersive nightlife digital fucktrain with cutting beats and a gripping narrative. There will be real-time challenges for you with true consequences, no takebacks, and no do-overs.