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Elsa Couvreur shares her Nordic Fringe experience

One of Nordic Fringe Network's goals is to give artists an opportunity to perform at a number of festivals in the Nordic region with one simple application.

One particular artist who took full advantage of this was Elsa Couvreur, from Woman's Move, who took her show 'The Sensemaker' to four festivals within the network.

The thoroughly engaging and impressive one-woman show won the Buzz Award at Gothenburg, as well as awards at Stockholm and Edinburgh Fringes in what was clearly a triumphant year.

Elsa took the time to share her experience of the Nordic Fringe Network below. If you like what you read, why not experience it for yourself and apply here before 6 January 2020. We're celebrating our fifth Fringe on 2-7 September 2020.

I’ve been lucky enough to take part in four festivals of the Nordic Fringe Network: FinFringe, Gothenburg Fringe, STOFF X and Lahti Fringe.

Each one of them was unique, with a different programme of shows and each was a new experience for me and an opportunity to meet new audiences and artists.

However, they were all connected by the amazing work done by the organisers and the volunteers, and their will to bring international artists to Nordic countries.

I was really impressed by the amount of work they have done. I was also struck by the quality of the various shows I have seen in all of the four festivals, I felt lucky to be able to watch them… Amazing artists from all over the world!

And as the festivals made sure we had a central place to hang out at, we could get to know each other and I’m still in contact with many of them.

It was overall such a positive experience for me – not the last time I will take part, I hope!

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