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Introducing our first batch of 2021 shows

Updated: Jun 27, 2021

With 80 days until our opening evening at Gothenburg Fringe 2021 on 8 September, we're thrilled to be announcing the first batch of artists performing this year.

Among the seven performances announced here, there is a variety of local and international acts, Fringe debutants and seasoned pros.

Tickets for these shows and many more will be released in early July on Billetto.

To be among the first to get your hands on tickets, enjoy ticket offers and more benefits, join our membership programme.


By Dynamite Lunchbox Entertainment

Josephine is an award-winning off-Broadway biographical solo-cabaret musical that combines theatre, song and dance to tell the story of the iconic Josephine Baker, the first African-American international superstar and one of the most remarkable figures of the 20th Century.

The show has scooped awards wherever it goes, including Adelaide, San Diego and Toronto Fringe, while Tymisha Harris has been recognised for her outstanding solo performance.

Love’s left hand

By LEMOUR - Physical Theatre

They really want each other. It has been a perfect date and the lovebirds can’t wait to reach her house. On the way, he heart-openly tosses a coin into a stranger’s hat, passionately wishing for her to be the one.

But the stranger is not just a stranger – it is love’s left hand, who feels invited by this gesture to get involved: love’s left hand’s purpose it to appear unrecognised in the lives of those in love and create opportunities to face inner shadows so that the one who dares to embrace it may be able to experience true connection. A heart-warming play about the courage to trust in love’s sense of humour.

Oleg Denisov: Economy Vodka

Gothenburg Fringe's highest-selling performer in 2019 is back with a new show!

Do we become what we sell? Russia's Fringe veteran of political satire, philosopher by training, and internationally touring stand-up by trade, Oleg rips into economics of emotions in his fourth solo hour. In the age when feelings, ideas and whole identities are for sale, is it humanly possible to know what you love, think, or who the f**k you even are?

"Razor-sharp insight and rapid-fire laughs" (Manchester Evening News), ★★★★ "Hilarious" (The Student), ★★★★ "A well-honed act" (Mumble Comedy), "Fascinating comedian... cerebral and provocative" (Edinburgh Reporter). Will contain ** "some serviceable gags about skinheads" (TheWeeReview).

Silly Nonsense

By gött FEMME

gött FEMME are Gothenburg's first all-female improv ensemble with the goal of becoming Europe's kindest and most liberating ensemble. Empowering, challenging, shocking, puzzling and most of all entertaining. Led by Michelle Haughton, who performed at Gothenburg Fringe 2020 with 'Your Song' and 'Date Night'.

Shouting Like A Gentleman

By Odramatiska Teatern

Welcome to an entertaining evening with intuition, mind reading and impossible coincidences.

Expect an astonishing and hilarious cavalcade of unexplained events. Everything is done tongue in cheek and in cooperation with the audience.

The performance is an interactive experience from start to finish. The entire audience is engaged in a playful display of collective consciousness.


By Lo-Giudice Dance

Caught between a place where delicate exchanges of affection and moments driven by the heartfelt become entangled with the discomforts of prejudice, L'uomo meditates on the tensions men can face when showing affection to one another.

L’uomo (translating in Italian as ’The Man’) is a short dance theatre duet centered around two men, entwining themselves through intimate gestures that interact and reciprocate the invitation to connect to another, examining what means to be touched, with at the heart of it, a play of hands. Hands testifying to trust, confidence and simplicity within the shelter of love.

A new tree grows

By August Norborg, Carolina Nilsson and Niklas Möller

A New Tree Grows is an interactive short film. It tells a fantastical story of a future world in which architects and smart intelligent machines together create sustainable cities. It is experienced from a physical installation guided by an immersive soundtrack.

Niklas Möller is back for the second year running after bringing his installation 'Turning the outside in' to Frilagret in 2020.

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