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  • Chris O'Reilly

Showcase starts with sold-out improv night

Gothenburg Fringe's Spring Showcase began with a splash on Friday night with a triple-header of shows.

Improv group Impram got the night started with the premiere of their latest show 'Fragments', followed by Judge Ricky and his kangaroo courtroom drama. From improv comedy to music, Telepaths brought the sold-out night to an end, showcasing some new songs in their set.

The action continues this evening with The Body as Reference for (R)Evolution from 19:00 on Saturday.

This durational performance is the culmination of a week-long co-creation process with a combined cast from United Cowboys and local artists. The audience can walk around to observe and absorb this world from all angles - they can stop to watch, move on, step out and come back again.

And on Sunday, A Study of Choices: A Choreographic Manuscript takes place at Kolgruvan.

It consists of instructions that are heard for the first time when the dancers enter the stage.

The audience and the dancers hear the instructions at the same time. The performance is created in the moment by the way the dancers interpret the instructions.

This is a study of choices, and what happens in the translation. The manuscript is incorporated in an electronical sound landscape, created by the audio-multidisciplinary artist Gustav Lejelind and the manuscript is mainly written by the choreographer Linda Wardal.

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