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Stigbergstorget sparks the start of Gothenburg Fringe 2019

Stigbergstorget is the place to be on Wednesday as Oceanen and the 18th-century pirate house Gathenhielmska Huset host the opening evening of Gothenburg Fringe 2019 and the beginning of a collaboration between, Gothenburg Fringe, Oceanen and World Dance Company as we work together to open the garden at Gathenhielmska Huset as a space for performance and art to flourish.

On Wednesday 28 August at 17:00 hrs, enjoy a variety of music, dance, circus and art, from local and international artists, giving you a taste of what the Gothenburg Fringe Festival on 28 August to 2 September has to offer and celebrate the beginning of an exciting partnership.

Over the past two years, Gathenhielmska Huset has become a spiritual home for Gothenburg Fringe and hosting the opening evening there has now become tradition, thanks to the support of our partners Higab. Each year, we have showcased the house in a different light and feel that the event’s natural progression draws us to the garden, where most of the fun will take place on Wednesday.

Entry is free of charge, so come along and experience a variety of performances and exhibitions, which really showcase the spirit of Gothenburg Fringe.

17:00 hrs - Opening of Gothenburg Fringe 2019 at Gathenhielmska Huset garden

17:10 hrs - Göteborgs Alternativa Orkester With a fantastic array of instruments, musical styles and members, Göteborgs Alternativa Orkester explores and develops the concept of orchestra through diversity and innovation. Led by friend of the Fringe Jorge Alcaide, you'll never be sure what to expect, but you will always be left entertained.

17:30 hrs - Autoportante Tightwire duo Autoportante share their story of love and (im)balance in a way you simply cannot take your eyes off. The Italian-Argentine pair will also give visitors an opportunity to learn how to walk on a tightrope after their performance.

18:15 & 19:50 hrs - Jino Dans Jino translates as ‘New life’ in Kurdish and this local dance group's high-energy performances are certain to breathe life into the opening.

19:00 hrs - Gathenhielmska Huset open house

Inside the house from 19:00 hrs, experience a musical installation from Jorge Alcaide, photo exhibition from Anna Hulth as well as a film which will give you an insight into the historical importance of Gathenhielmska kulturreservatet.

19:00 hrs - Caracola After thrilling audiences at Västra Nordstan last weekend with her Fringe show 'PRR!', Caracola will be clowning around in Gathenhielmska huset's garden for the first time, before making it her home for the following four days.

19:15 hrs - Emiliano Sacripanti Argentine singer-songwriter Emiliano Sacripanti has become closely connected with Gothenburg Fringe since moving here and the garden will be the ideal spot to enjoy him begin the musical phase of the opening.

20:45 hrs - World Dance Company World Dance Company is both a dance school and an artist collective, housing on the second floor of Kulturhuset Oceanen. They are one of the new venues at the festival this year. From World Dance Company, Love Nilsson (saxophone) and Martina von Schwerin (dance) will perform an improvisation only for the opening night and they will take us to Oceanen, where the rest of the evening continues.

21:00 hrs - Artist quickfire teasers A number of Gothenburg Fringe 2019 artists will give you a taste of what their shows are all about with quick pitches and performances. There's no better way to get a feeling for the Fringe before it begins.

Following the artists' pitches, we'll stay at Oceanen for the rest of the night with fun and dancing at 'Club Libertalia'.

Check out the full Gothenburg Fringe programme here.

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