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The big programme release - part 2

Gothenburg Fringe 2022 is now just under two months away and we continue to share details of each of our productions bringing their work to us on 7-11 September. Tickets for all performances will be launched next week. If you want to be among the first to secure your seats for these brilliant shows, sign up to our newsletter. And become a member for access to 2 for 1 tickets, merchandise and other fun Fringe benefits.

Here are 10 more shows to discover!

Linda's Freak Show by Linda/Andrew Sim (UK)

Award-winning late-night cabaret showcase hosted by the old crone herself, Linda! She introduces her fellowship of freaks, handpicked artists from around the festival to put on something you'll never forget! Brought to you by the Alternative Assembly, Linda's Freak Show is truly a must-see for any Fringe-goer!

‘Relentlessly self-aware... cause of genuine hilarity!’ (

After smashing Reykjavik Fringe and snatching awards for four years in a row, it’s time to bring Andrew Sim/Linda to Gothenburg. Linda’s freak show is one-night only and Oceanen is the place to be on Saturday night (10 September) at midnight.

Let It Burn by Linda/Andrew Sim (UK)

But there is more of Linda

The world has been driven to its knees once again. Filled to the brim with pain, anger and death. A shadowy figure appears on the horizon, cackling with playful delight. As she approaches you hear her repeat a few words over and over, "Let It Burn. Let It Burn." Brought to you by the Alternative Assembly, Linda is an explosive and hysterically dark experience.

Kvartersscenen 2Lång will try to contain Linda on 8 and 9 September.

I rummet.3 by CRAFT (Sweden)

A multifaceted experience for a performance that takes place in one room. The audience’s field of vision is limited by a hanging curtain, and will experience each point of view. This piece uses the props of twelve rolls of paper and a book. Each side of the paper is inscribed with an interlocking geometric pattern, which the dancer recombines as she moves to create a new pattern.

I rummet’s one-off performance last year was sold out and an award winner, so do yourself a favour and get your tickets for the latest version on 8 and 11 September at Teater Trixter.

The Emotional Universe of a Melodramatic Woman by Isa Bonachera (Spain)

A hilarious comedy show about living in a real-life soap opera, cultural campiness and embracing the drama of life. 'thought-provoking and unapologetically dark' ★★★★☆ (Entertainment Focus). 'a gift for the unexpected one-liner' ★★★★☆ (Three Weeks). 'jokes and punchlines which really hit you with laughter' ★★★★☆ (Broadway Baby). 'a very well-written show' ★★★★☆ (Funny Women). 'unique, intelligent brand of comedy' ★★★★★ (The Awkward Corner)

We’ve been waiting years to welcome Isa to Gothenburg and the wait is finally over! Catch her at Oceanen on 9 September and Majorna’s ‘Stage of Secrets’ on 8 and 10 September.

Draft Zero by Chaotic Neutral (Sweden)

The deadline for the next blockbuster movie pitch is nearing, and our trio has writer's block. But the show must go on! See inside the writer's room and watch the creative process in real-time as Chaotic Neutral tries to hammer together a script based on the audience's own suggestions and tastes in media.

Draft Zero is a fast-paced, irreverent improv comedy show performed by Ricky LaBontee, Brian Bonafilia and Nikhil Acharya. Come and share a night of self-indulgent, media-obsessed humour on 10 September at the Stage of Secrets.

Shattered by Diana E Varco (USA)

A fast-paced comedic and heartbreakingly raw solo show about dating, dysfunction, and sexual devastation - told through 35+ characters. Solo artist Diana Varco delivers a powerhouse performance filled with wit, poignancy, and vulnerability, as she examines mental health, the power of Shame, post-traumatic growth, and much more.

Shattered uses comedy to take us through tragedy, triumphantly telling the tale of one individual picking up the broken pieces of herself and learning to live again.

Nominated Broadway World 'Performer of the Decade Los Angeles', Diana E Varco is a must-see on 9-11 September at Göteborgs Dramatiska Teater.

BIG - An improvised story by Blink (Sweden)

With take-off from "the hero's journey", we explore and discover a protagonist adventure.

The show starts with three different suggestions which we immediately improvise three shorter scenes out of. Those three scenes will work as a trailer and return in exactly the same way later in the show.

This is a joyful, surprising and smart show with big variation and it will be played at the Stage of Secrets on 8 and 10 September.

Life Under The Sun by Strangers & Exiles (UK/Finland)

“What good is it to gain the whole world but lose your soul?” Based on the ancient book of Ecclesiastes, Life Under The Sun is a one-man show; a black comedy with a unique mix of ancient verse offset against dark pantomime and the dry wit of stand-up. Features underpants, pompous man-servants, self-deprecating witticisms, an existential crisis and one giant hangover...

Stephen Bathurst brings his work to Gothenburg Fringe for a one-night-only, free performance on 9 September at the Stage of Secrets.

KONTAKT (Sweden/Norway)

Kontakt is a platform for cross-artistic exploration of improvised performance art, currently consisting of violinist & composer Terese Lien Evenstad, dancer & choreographer Mira Jägemar and actor & poet Emma Axberg. Every show is completely improvised and inspiration taken from dialogues with the audience. The artists then weave interpretations of the conversations together with impulses created in the moment, blending music, movement and speech into an array of short stories and characters.

KONTAKT will be one of our first performances at Världskulturmuseet on 10 and 11 September.

Perfect World of Love by Fierbinteanu (Romania/Belgium) Vocal-electronic art-pop concert, presented in an eye-candy theatrical-experimental way, with visuals. Modern, intense & lovable, this music challenges the social, political and ideological "isms" that keep us all separated. A rare moment: you no longer feel lonely. The two musicians think & feel just as you do. Singing & dancing are such a thrill. The Fierbinteanus will share this intensity with the lovely audience.

“It’s time to lose your past obsessions, make room for new and better ones."

Late-night fun at the Stage of Secrets on 9 and 10 September.

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