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The big programme release - part 3

Our countdown to Gothenburg Fringe 2022 and our ticket release continues!

Coming your way are details of 10 wonderfully diverse and exciting shows heading to Gothenburg on 7-11 September.

Tickets for all performances will be launched next week. If you want to be among the first to secure your seats for these performances, sign up to our newsletter.

And become a member for access to 2 for 1 tickets, merchandise and other fun Fringe benefits.

Three men from the North by The Nordic Council (Sweden/Iceland/Finland) A show about awkwardness. About a hard day’s work, tradition and routines. About coffee and knitted woollen clothing. A show steeped in tradition and nostalgia built on contemporary circus.

Working with topics and themes drawn from the North, we work with combinations of juggling and live music as well as spoken word and aerial rope. The show is as blunt and to the point in a way that only Finnish humour can be, Swedishly self-aware and with a hint of Icelandic peculiarity.

The Nordic Council have put together a stunning show, which is well worth a visit to Frölunda Kulturhus for their performances on 9 and 10 September.

A Simple Misunderstanding by Zander Constant, Zach Enquist and Rachel McNamee (Sweden/USA/Canada)

The process of remembering is a delicate one. We expect to find clarity through revisiting a memory, but instead it can become unfamiliar and exaggerated as we start to fill in the blanks with new details.

"A Simple Misunderstanding" inhabits the blurry landscape of a memory shared by two people, oscillating between past and present. The performers (and audience) have the opportunity to revisit a moment in time, introducing them to both perspectives and asking them to decide.. what happened?

A unique opportunity to experience GöteborgsOperans Danskompani artists in a Fringe setting, put it in your diaries for Sunday 11 September at PanJál Scenstudio.

This is not the end by Tova Eli Ekenberg (SWE)

An autobiographical performance on facing ecological collapse.

The launching point of this piece is my own anxiety of an uncertain future, in this reworked version of my 2019 solo I step more towards the bigger picture of shared trauma. To reflect a on this I use recycled material, juxtaposing academic and dramatical text, ecstatic dance, video projections and mass-produced items.

An interactive section includes inviting representatives from the audience for a game of panel debate.

Fringe fans who attended The Body as Reference for (R)Evolution in March will have seen Tova Eli Ekenberg in action and have another opportunity in a new context, on 8, 9 and 10 September at Frilagret.

Pip by Laufey Haralds (Iceland)

Comedian Laufey Haralds would like to tell you some stories about a person who is very special to her, the Mr. Hyde to her Dr. Jekyll: Pip. In this hour of stand-up comedy, she explores how moving to a foreign country changes a person, and how moving back home can destroy you.

Laufey is a Reykjavík-based stand-up who has performed at the Reykjavík, Gothenburg and Edinburgh Fringe Festivals as well as in London and Chicago. She loves to play with the stand-up form and get the audience involved, which she will do at Oceanen on 9, 10 and 11 September.

Brazenly Divine Super Marvel by Sophie Ammann (Switzerland)

Who’s in the need of a bit of hope right now? Did anyone call for a superhero? The self-proclaimed "Brazenly Divine Super Marvel" is here to the rescue!

Combining whip-cracking, dance and comedy, with a sprinkling of 80’s pop, this superhero will take a crack at blowing your troubles away. She may be a bit of a mess, but at least she’s got some help from her faithful sidekick, Pogo: she’s trying to be sure, it’s gotta be soon, and she’s gotta be larger than life.

Find Sophie and Pogo performing at Trixter on 8, 9 and 11 September, as well as leading a workshop on the 11th in the afternoon!

A Circle of Exchange by Erin Skye Circus (Australia/Slovenia)

A Circle of Exchange is a 40-minute, audience-interactive, whisper-filled, experimental circus performance including the disciplines of aerial straps, hand-balancing and contortion.

With the use of some can-and-string telephones and ASMR, Erin Skye invites her audience into an intimate conversation with each other on stage.

By exploring the relationship between audience members, A Circle of Exchange initiates a meeting point for strangers at Frölunda Kulturhus on 9 and 10 September.

ROOM - based on A Room of One's Own by Virginia Woolf by Heather Alexander (UK)

ROOM is a unique dramatised interpretation of Virginia Woolf's seminal 1920's feminist lectures.

Woolf’s fundamental ideas about gender, creativity and thwarted opportunity are explored in a witty, fresh and provocative production.

"Alexander’s fine performance is searing and visceral. This is a poised and provocative evening, offering a chance to view modern feminism through the prism of Woolf’s work. It is a performance full of bravado and rich ideas".

We are delighted to welcome Heather Alexander back to Gothenburg and to Göteborgs Dramatiska Teater on 8, 9 and 10 September.

Hej Förresten! / Hi There! by DHMJ - Det Här är Mitt Jobb (Sweden)

Hej Förresten! is a movement-based theatre production about friendship, identity and isolation, where children’s play makes up both the meeting ground as well as the tool of communication. It’s a celebration of children’s great imagination and capacity to create anything out of nothing. Created in a time where we can no longer take anything for granted.

The production contains little verbal communication and is accessible for any child/family as well as an international audience when it takes place at Oceanen on 10 and 11 September, presented together with Barnens Ocean.

Dead People Are Liking Things On Facebook by RTC (Canada/Belgium)

"Dead People Are Liking Things On Facebook" is an interactive lecture performance. Chris Dupuis looks at the profiles of various friends who are dead, discusses how he knew them, how they died, and what he learned from them.

The show, which won the Jury's Choice Award at Island Fringe Festival 2019 and Audience Choice Award at Storefront Fringe Festival 2018, looks at mortality, illness, addiction, anti-gay violence, HIV/AIDS, and the changing face of social media.

Your Strangest Friend by Stina Nilsson & Dominic Williams (Sweden/Wales)

“Your Strangest Friend” is an improvised performance act combining movement and spoken word. It is a collaboration between Swedish contemporary dancer Stina Nilsson and Welsh poet Dominic Williams.

The only thing that the two performers will have agreed on prior to the performance is how to enter the performance space and a trigger line to begin a conclusion of the collaboration, everything else is pure improvisation. The performers respond to their immediate environment and each other.

A joy to watch and a great way to begin your Fringe Saturday evening at PanJál Scenstudio.

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