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The big programme release - part 4

Our countdown to Gothenburg Fringe 2022 and our ticket release continues.

Coming your way are details of 10 more top-notch productions lighting up Gothenburg on 7-11 September.

Details of our ticket release will be shared in our next artist drop. If you want to be among the first to secure your seats for these performances, sign up to our newsletter.

And become a member for access to 2 for 1 tickets, merchandise and other fun Fringe benefits.

Them by Spindrift Theatre (Iceland/Finland)

THEM presents the pain of not fitting in, the thrill in finding your strength, the shame of misusing it and the sorrow of not knowing how to cry. It is a performance about men dealing with toxic masculinity and women dealing with men – everyone trying to have the right to be, just be.

It is a physical theatre piece based on dozens of interviews with male identifying people from different countries, as well as the creators’ own personal experiences living in a world that is not designed for THEM.

Teater Trixter welcomes this Nordic Fringe Network award-winning piece on 8-10 September.

Dreams of the Man Who Never Slept by Mario Moroni (USA)

A one-man multimedia poetry performance, which will be an immersive experience for the audience, in a setting where the poetic word is projected from the printed page into an audiovisual dimension.

Renowned scholar and artist Mario Moroni’s work is based on old American folk ballads and deals with space and time and we are delighted to present his work at Gathenhielmska huset on 9-11 September.

L'uomo by Anthony Lo-Giudice (UK)

L'uomo is a study on love and belonging between two men.

Caught between a place where delicate exchanges of affection and moments driven by the heartfelt become entangled with the discomforts of prejudice, L'uomo meditates on the tensions men can face when showing affection to one another.

The Fields of Wonder by Gaetano Badalamenti (Sweden)

This solo work arises from the necessity of investigation about identity and identification, inspired by the illustration series of Adrian Cox, called 'The Fields of Wonder'.

In a surreal scenario in which fantasy and reality merge, echoing the human cycle of expansion and 'growth', an individual Wonders about what it means to be 'Human' both in his physical and social exploration.

Make room for Gaetano Badalamenti in your Fringe schedule on 9 and 10 September at Teater Trixter.

Django in Pain by Por Piedad Teatro (Mexico/USA)

Django in Pain is a table-top puppet theatre show about a playwright that wants to write a happy play but he can't because Django, his main character, wants to kill himself. Exploring the possibilities of creativity within the constraints of isolation, theatre artists Ana Graham and Antonio Vega use hand-made puppets and found objects to create this multi-layered uplifting tale about depression at PanJál Scenstudio on 9-11 September.

Medea Mensch by Elina Sjöwall, Lisa Maier (Austria, Germany, Åland Islands)

MEDEA MENSCH is a multidimensional and interdisciplinary short film, which combines and contrasts elements from theater and film. In terms of content, the film deals with the narrative of the Greek antagonist Medea from the play by Euripides as a hysterical, vengeful woman and aims to restore her humanity and self-determination.

It will address current gender politics, as well as the often one-sided portrayal of mothers in classical works, in the media, and in our society.

You can experience Medea Mench at Frilagret on 8-10 September

Historiska Spöken by Hörsägen (Sweden)

HISTORISKA SPÖKEN is a show with authentic medieval ghost stories from all over Europe. Icelandic revenants and Greek ghosts are here, as well as an English vampire and Spanish souls fleeing Hell itself.

The show is an hour long and scares the audience with some of the oldest terrors of the continent. Recommended from 7 years and up and playing at Gathenhielmska Huset on 9 and 10 September.

Rorschach by Caged Together (Sweden)

What do you see when you look at the stage? Joy? Pain? Courage? Fear? We all bring the experiences from our lives into the theatre, players and audience alike, affecting what we see and perform.

Part comedy, part existential crisis, all heart; RORSCACH dives into the dark and playful minds of performance duo 'Caged Together' to deliver you an improvised show that plays like an ink blot test: It's up to you to decide what it all means when you see them at Kvartersscenen 2Lång on 11 September.

Matching Outfits (Germany, Sweden, UK, USA)

With ultra-specific details and flashes of deadpan humour, Berlin lo-fi trio Matching Outfits relates tales of dissolving friendships, lost loved ones and insurmountable distances – between childhood and adulthood, summer and winter, Germany and rural Sweden.

Call-and-response vocals that convene into three-part harmonies, shout-along choruses, saxophone freakouts: whether on debut album Band Made Out Of Sand (Kitchen Leg Records) or in their live shows, you never really know what to expect.

Check out their bandcamp before they hit Oceanen on 8 September.

Sånger som aldrig skrevs by Two Poets (Sweden)

The poets Sayam Chortip and Tobias Erehed are performing a show called sånger som aldrig skrevs (Songs that was never written). It is a show about the choices in life we never have done, the people we never have spoken to, and the tales that could have been told if our minds weren’t so static.

The show consists of a mix of music and poetry, storytelling and rhymes, and maybe even a sense of humour.

Gothenburg Fringe regular Sayam always delivers and this new work with Tobias promises no different, performing at the Stage of Secrets on 9 September and Gathenhielmska Huset the following day.

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