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1. Gathenhielmska Huset

Stigbergstorget 7

2. Draken

Stigbergsliden 58

4. Teater Trixter

Masthamnsgatan 17

The epitome of a backstreet theater. Unassuming and covered in graffiti on the outside, Trixter is well-rehearsed at transporting guests to imagined worlds on the inside.


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The Gothenburg Fringe is an explosion of creativity in our great city, where you will find cutting-edge performances in unique and unexpected places, as well as some classic venues. Discover the places you should hang out at to enjoy the very best our festival has to offer.

History quite literally oozes out of the walls of this stunning house. Built in the 1740's, and still containing many original features, each room possesses its own mood. It's an honour to perform in this most special of spaces.

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Heurlins Plats 15


3. Göteborgs Dramatiska Teater

Be sucked into the action in this intimate, black box theater. A regular host of drama, music and stand up comedy and the Gothenburg Fringe on 23-27 August.

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With its massive screen, Draken is the obvious choice to show some superb independent films. However, in true Fringe style, we are maximizing the space available, with a variety of acts, in the main room and throughout the venue.


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5. Sjöfartmuseet

Karl Johansgatan 1-3

When we claim "the city is our stage', we mean it! Here we'll host some shows just outside Gothenburg's Maritime Museum. Due to close for refurbishment soon after the Fringe ends, we plan to send it off in style. 


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6. Stigbergsliden

Stigbergsliden 10

Stigbersliden Vandrarhem is an affordable and pleasant hostel accommodation in a beautiful and inspiring environment, right in the heart of the Fringe and it will also play host to performances in its splendid inner courtyard.

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frigga (1).PNG

7. Frigga

Gothenburg Fringe based at this cottage at Pölgatan 5, in the heart of the Gathenhielmska reserve. A venue perfectly suited for producing performing arts and other creative collaborations, including performances at the Fringe.


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Pölgatan 5

8. Teater Uno

Our collaboration with this free theater group is what the Fringe is all about. Theater Uno is located above a bar and cafe and has everything needed to put on some top shows.


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Esperantoplatsen 7-9

9. Hängmattan

10. Stigbergstorget

Stiegbergstorget is a square of trams and pidgeons, at the foot of the old 'pirates house'. A hub both of calm and people on the move. Let's explore what happens when art and the daily life of Majorna come together and share this fascinating space.

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A relaxed bar cafe setting with a small, corner stage. With seating at individual tables, this is an ideal setting to see smaller productions.


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Karl Johansgatan 16


11. Kulturtemplet

Kabelgatan 19

Kulturtemplet is a place for art developing and exploration where sound is the most fundamental topic. The old and beautiful water reservoir at Gråberget, which had been closed for over 70 years, hides a history and an acoustic treasure that is unique.


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12. Dansforum

Heurlins Plats 11

Dansforum is one of Scandinavia's largest dance schools and is located in the center of Gothenburg, near Järntorget. It has offered classes since 1977 and the modern premises is large, bright and tailor-made for dance, with 7 dance studios with floating floors and professional sound systems.


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13. Frilagret

Heurlins Plat 1

This historical building on the edge of the Gota river has evvolved from a 1920's warehouse into a modern cultural center. This spacious, light and fantastically flexible venue has become a Gothenburg Fringe regular.


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