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More shows revealed

With the Gothenburg Fringe now less than three months away, artists have been confirming their attendance left, right and centre.

This second batch of shows features theatre, stand-up comedy and dance with a mixture of performers from home and as far abroad as Macau.

Further acts will be confirmed over the coming weeks as we prepare to release the full programme in June. You can also sign up to our mailing list at the bottom of the page to be among the first to discover the full array of performances on 23-27 August and how you can get your hands on tickets.

SIS+ERS by Systrarna Hansson Productions

An original play, inspired by real life events, about the person that knows you the best, annoys you the most and has always been there in the room next door. Performed by two actual sisters showing the raw, uncensored relationship that is sisterhood.

Cry, Blueberry by Cry, Blueberry

A solo show set in the Great Depression wherein a vaudevillian Pierrot wrestles with his memories, mistakes and misdeeds in an honest-to-God confession – either to their conclusion, or his own. Cry, Blueberry has been praised as “strong and bold” and “a profound and memorable performance.”

Pode Ser by Leila Ka

Obeying to a singular syntax of hip-hop, Pode Ser talks about limits, aspirations but also disarray. Maybe the disarray of being in the world and of only being oneself.

Entered in the dance world with hip-hop, dancer for the company of Maguy Marin, she faces, in Pode Ser, the stage alone, carried in a kind of struggle - against both herself and summons – that will not end.

Photo credit: Yann Bohak

You can’t sit with us by Mimosa Comedy

Swedish-based group Mimosa Comedy presents “You Can’t Sit With Us”. A stand up show that gives you the very best of mean, gross, and sexy comedy.

If you loved Mean Girls, you’ll love this. All-round fun…just not for the family!

Empty Set: Urban People, Homo sapiens by NgaMan Cheang

Empty set is a piece about the relationship between society and individual's actual-self, also the differences between Urban People and Homo sapiens.

In modern society, we are no longer just constrained by moral values, but also conventionalisation, industrialisation, deindividuation. All these implicit rules isolate humanity, that's why most of us lost part of ourselves. We are going further and further away from ‘the inner child. We become more like a robot than an animal.

Honeysuckles only smell in the evening by Goddess in the Gutter theatre company

A comical Swedish tragedy, set in Gothenburg through the eyes of an all-English cast, joined together by a game of Monopoly.

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