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Something for every taste in latest batch of shows

Dance, circus, theatre and film feature in our latest batch of confirmed shows, giving everyone an opportunity to enjoy themselves at the Gothenburg Fringe on 23-27 August 2018.

Draken will be home to the Fringe's first film programme, alongside a variety of other performances, and below we've revealed the first confirmed screening.

Developments are coming in thick and fast, so keep an eye on our site for more thrilling news on performances, alongside venues and ticket information, throughout June.

It Takes Two To Tango by Lee Yuan Tu

It takes two to tango is said when you want to emphasise that both people involved in a difficult situation must accept the blame, or that an activity needs two people who are willing to take part for it to happen.

The performance's comedic and physical interplay is based on the pair’s height difference, along with a tea cup and saucer, plus some very fine dancing.

Alternating dynamics, physical exuberance and the playfulness of the choreography makes for a truly engaging piece.

Between Dexterity and Disaster by De Berenis Circus

Love is faced with fear, the fear with the discovery of itself, the discovery of uncertainty, uncertainty with joy - daily life emotions common to everybody...

A show where floor and air acrobatics (vertical rope and trapeze), juggling, unicycles, music (clarinet, accordion and violin), and physical theatre, combined with the everyday eccentricity of Caracola & Carcaza, and a world where their dexterity became disasters.


by Mile Nagaoka

This year’s Fringe will feature a film programme for the first time at Draken and the first confirmed film is the international premiere of Fortuna - a dance film by Mile Nagaoka, featuring butoh dancer Frauke and supported by The Bergman Estate.

Svankvinnan / The swan woman

by Rebecka Pershagen

In 2011, a woman in Stockholm was arrested, having kept 11 living swans in her one room apartment. Gothenburg Fringe regular Rebecka Pershagen’s theatre piece is an imagining and mediation around who ‘The swan women’ might have been.

Run to your life by Kulturlabbet

Do we need we? The banker asks the rooster, who asks the human, who watches the nuke sing the morning glory.

Run to your life is a poetic play that subtly asks questions about what it is to be alive, how we want to live and do we want to exist together or separately. A dance performance about being transformed and marvel.

Surviving forest fires by Kollaboration Scenkonst

A wherever-you-are, whenever-you-want theatrical podcast/audio walk about social anxiety and pine trees. All you need to do is download the podcast to your smartphone and listen! (in Swedish)

NO (Re-enactment) by Ellinor Ljungkvist

These women's actions are today described as courageous, but very few are mentioned in our history books.

Ellinor Ljungkvist will cover history, feminism and the second world war in a durational performance.

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