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Celebrating two months until Gothenburg Fringe with more shows

We’re celebrating exactly two months until the Gothenburg Fringe with a fresh batch of performance goodness to whet your appetite for the big event on 23-27 August.

Below you’ll find a fresh selection of theatre and street performance pieces, featuring a fine mix of local and international talent and there’s even an opportunity for you to get involved in a workshop-turned-performance led by Benedikte Esperi.

Laterland by Benedikte Esperi

It’s election time. Laterland interferes in public space with short performance actions, where topics of Migration, loss of legacy and heritage are exposed.

A participatory piece created specifically for every site.

Benedikte Esperi invited interested participants to a workshop in methods of how to create and compose a collective performative action in public space. No former

experience is needed but minimum age is 18 yrs.

All workshop participants will be invited to be part of the performance of Laterland. Futher information on the workshop can be found here.

Day.Time.Location by enacttheatre

This is all about what is happening NOW, at this moment, in this space, it doesn’t take you anywhere from the present.

One body of work consisting of a number of performances at sunset. Three performers enter and exit a space, engaging in a ritual of rhythmical clapping.

The Bacchae by Bacchanalia Theatre

Dionysus, God of wine & ecstasy,

descends on Earth. Explore myth made flesh in this immersive adaptation of Euripides’ classic, steeped in neon & nocturnal joy. When a God & a King wrestle, only one question remains; how long before you submit to hedonistic pleasure?

Then we went under the ground by Batalj scenkonst

They’ve been around forever, weaving the threads of life and death. They’ve seen it all. Yet now they might be facing the end. Is this chaotic world still worth saving - and if so, what does it take?

BATALJ Scenkonst present: “Then we went under the ground” by Miriam Boolsen.

I dalgångens skugga by Teater Mareld

“Don’t be afreard, stranger; a man that’s dead can’t do no hurt."

The night is dark and stormy and in the last cottage on the head of a long glen, Nora is holding a wake for her dead husband.

A tramp knocks on the door and once the stranger is let in we learn that the glen is full of secrets. The play is a dark and thrilling tale, full of surprises and is performed with live music.

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